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  1. My friend and his wife want to go. Anyone hear any ETA? I know she's getting impatient and might strong arm us to driving to Ottawa or even Montreal...
  2. I tried contacting, but she never answered back.
  3. Do you happen to have a link?
  4. They rotate out just like the girls at 0020.
  5. If that's her, I've seen her before and it was a good experience. Well worth it.
  6. I too, would like to know this
  7. Never acknowledge deposits. Dead giveaway for a fake AD.
  8. Anyone seen this Asian Violet lady? She's on a retirement tour and will be heading to Kingston soon.
  9. If it's the same Tammy I can confirm this. Saw her three times. Hands down best in the agency.
  10. Anyone know if 621 Somerset is still running? It's above the cap shop. Visited last July but can't find the number. Or if anyone has any recommendations for a lovely Asian woman.
  11. Is is still around and gives excellent massages. No full service.
  12. The one with the phone ending in the 0020 https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/kingston_new_japanese_girl_new_in_the_town-6494989?source=list
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