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A group dedicated to the artistry and pleasures of erotic dancing. Come and talk about your experiences, favorite dancers, clubs, and whatever interests you about stripping and strippers! Dancers' own perspectives are especially welcome here.

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  2. You know you're a regular when a 3rd girl feels it's okay to tell you that 2 other girls had an actual fistfight over who got to keep you as their primary customer. That's one of the reasons that the 'loser' left that particular club. Wow. I mean, there's more than enough of me to go around, but I guess that good customers are just that hard to come by.
  3. I am going to the wrong clubs it seems!
  4. How many times have I heard this? Too many. "I don't ever do this, but I really like you. I think we have some kind of connection. I really want to: 1) suck your dick 2) fuck you right here in the club 3) take you back to my place and make love to you all weekend Etc. When I tell them my rates, they usually shut right up.
  5. You know you're a regular when a group of dancers make plans for your birthday before even checking with you.
  6. Well, I don't hate it when a lady sits next to me and reaches up my skirt to say hello before she even has a chance to ... you know ... say hello.
  7. This is an admirable attitude and it's great that there is some "diversity" and, as well, the appreciation of different types of dancers by different patrons in SCs. It just wouldn't do if people were all sitting in the club(s) waiting for a very few dancers (or a single dancer) to become available, so to speak. Having said that, I do find that I'm most likely to notice a certain "type". Not in an overly narrow way, but I tend to find the slightly curvy, leggy (not necessarily tall) and somewhat busty (not necessarily huge) dancers to be immediately and consistently alluring. These "types" can be ebony, Asian or white, blonde or dark-haired, long-hair or short hair etc. but there is just something about a certain look that always seems to stand out in a club, at least to my eyes. Sadly, I'm noticing fewer of this type of dancer in the local SCs in recent months, but it may be that I've not done enough exploring lately. Always interested in recos for dancers that might fit this (admittedly somewhat vague) description.
  8. Before I became active in this industry I thought I had a certain type of lady a certain look but what I have found is that diversity is really the way to go ... I have learner that it is less about how a lady looks and more about how they feel about themselves ... if they feel sexy and beautiful it shows. Just my Opinion
  9. You know you're a regular when you know the names and schedules of all the dancers..
  10. You know you're a regular when one of your girls comes back from vacation and brings you thoughtful presents.