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A group dedicated to the artistry and pleasures of erotic dancing. Come and talk about your experiences, favorite dancers, clubs, and whatever interests you about stripping and strippers! Dancers' own perspectives are especially welcome here.

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  2. You know you're a regular when the DJ comes down to your table to let you know when your regulars and other girls you might be interested in will be in for the rest of the week. HA HA!
  3. Well, it's a mixed bag of good and bad. I'm not going to make the determination for you of what is good and what is bad. If you're shy, you wouldn't be wearing one to begin with. Every girl in the place is going to ask if you're wearing underwear. Come up with a clever comeback. The other patrons will think you're a little bit weird and that the only reason you're wearing it is for the easy access. They'll be wishing that they'd thought of that. Speaking of easy access, it is certainly true. I've spoken privately with some close friends about particular dancers and have found that the curiosity factor is often enough to get more action/activity than they have experienced. When alone in a booth, the dancer will more often than not ask questions about your chosen style of dress, ask if she can take a peek, or simply slip a hand or two up along your thighs to check for herself. I'll leave it to you how things progress after that. I'm no more attractive than other men in a strip club. It isn't because of the money because I've never tipped more than normal for any kind of additional attention. The kilt excites some girls a bit more. Having said that, sometimes things go too far. I have a line, and I know when and how to stop without hurting anyone's feelings. Just know that things can escalate very quickly with a naked and/or determined woman with only a thin layer of fabric between you. I've had to deal with many awkward situations where I've been offered certain activities or favours and had to turn them down. Some began without consent, mostly because it's all just right there. NOTE: You will likely be wearing a great big belt buckle with this thing. You can always twist the whole arrangement halfway around to make things more comfortable for her. It will also snag on fishnets and some other lacy materials. Safety first. Going on stage is not usually encouraged by the other patrons. I still remember the day one of my regulars exposed me to one whole side of the bar. She thought it was funny. Keep in mind that the guys in the club don't really care to see your junk, for the most part. The following warning is the real reason for writing this: Recently I was in a booth with a lovely young woman and things were progressing normally. She was facing away from me, twerking her sizable ass around in a very enticing manner. I had my arms up against the back of the booth and my head thrown back, just enjoying the feeling. Neither of us noticed that her activity had pushed my kilt up out of the way and when she sat down on my lap and started grinding, well it was a very near thing. We both noticed at the same time that something wasn't quite right and she froze in place. I gently grabbed her hips and slowly pushed her up and away from me as I slid back onto the bench. We both knew that it was simply a mistake, but we were done for the night.
  4. You know you're a regular when a dancer tells you the details of her sex life and at what point she thought of you!
  5. You know you're a regular when a gaggle of girls invite you to go to the deserted second stage to critique their new pole tricks because they'd rather be with you than sitting alone being ignored by the three old pervs on the floor.
  6. You know you're a regular when a 3rd girl feels it's okay to tell you that 2 other girls had an actual fistfight over who got to keep you as their primary customer. That's one of the reasons that the 'loser' left that particular club. Wow. I mean, there's more than enough of me to go around, but I guess that good customers are just that hard to come by.
  7. I am going to the wrong clubs it seems!
  8. How many times have I heard this? Too many. "I don't ever do this, but I really like you. I think we have some kind of connection. I really want to: 1) suck your dick 2) fuck you right here in the club 3) take you back to my place and make love to you all weekend Etc. When I tell them my rates, they usually shut right up.
  9. You know you're a regular when a group of dancers make plans for your birthday before even checking with you.
  10. Well, I don't hate it when a lady sits next to me and reaches up my skirt to say hello before she even has a chance to ... you know ... say hello.