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  1. When in doubt, check the diary out! http://www.cowboysdiary.info/wordpress/
  2. I had the ultimate pleasure of meeting up with this beautiful young spinner recently who provides an awesome GFE experience that will keep you smiling well after she has left. She's also quite easy to talk to and funny too. Her pictures are great, but wait till you see her in person your jaw will hit the floor, so be warned :) If I were you I'd try to connect with her soon as she'll be away for a bit from what I understand but once word gets out I"m confident that her dance card will fill quickly !!
  3. The problem is her photos are fake... http://www.cowboysdiary.info/wordpress/?p=10482
  4. Thanks all for the kind words and warm wishes. I don't get out around these parts as much any more but I do check in from time to time. Good to reconnect with some old friends and make new ones :) Giddy up!
  5. been busy last few days, hopefully no one fell for her bait and switch, I'm here to tell you that she's a fake http://www.cowboysdiary.info/wordpress/?p=10111
  6. The site is designed to send traffic to Adult Friend Finder a site known for using other peoples images for false profiles. Ladies contacting escortbusts.com to have their images removed will find the process difficult and challenging, most give up, in the end they will attempt to extort a fee from you to have your image removed. I would think that most gentlemen would be smart enough to see through this set up.
  7. They are one in the same and should be avoided at all costs http://www.cowboysdiary.info/wordpress/?p=9760 When in doubt, check the diary out !
  8. No No they are not closed till June. They will close Sundays and Mondays during the month of May to complete the renovations that have already begun, the place is undergoing a considerable face lift and the champagne rooms will be more discrete the the old ones yet still conforming to bylaws. The place is gonna look nice when all is said and done. But just to quash any rumors they are not closed until June :)
  9. Fanny's was where babylon is now, I worked there for many years. Later it moved to the Market on York street and rebranded as O' Ladies and eventually closed. The Liquor Store bar now occupies the space in the market.
  10. It's our dictators birthday today!
  11. Feel free to check out my site whenever you are unsure it's updated frequently and regularly with fakes, fruads and dangerous situatuions http://www.cowboysdiary.info
  12. Let's make this song number one on the charts! Steve It's Time to Leave
  13. When she was in Ottawa she went by the name Taylor and Barbie amongst others, she even made the diary a few times http://www.cowboysdiary.info/wordpress/?p=5144
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