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  1. Any word when she will be taking clients?
  2. redspot


    Well it was the first time I saw a VIPTOG girl today with Vicky and as this was going down the thought of this is going to be a very bad news for my bank account kept rolling into my head. WOW. All I can really say.
  3. redspot

    Charlene in Halifax

    Could I get her contact info as well, thanks.
  4. redspot

    Review: Karlie

    How much were her rates and where's her contact info?
  5. redspot

    Asian SP on Quinpool Rd.

    The only thing I could think of is the old Oriental Massage near Quinpool (and various other locations in the past 18 months) but that hasn't been around for a while though. If something did pop up I'd love to know about it though so if anyone with info is PMing rgent copy and paste that over to me as well.
  6. redspot

    post in the coast

    The coast ads, although easy to access and as Emma said she has received business from, I really don't feel comfortable with them after hearing this story and seeing some ads there the past few days. Discretion is an absolute must for me to even consider visiting an SP. If I was to get an email from a third party with regards to my emails between myself and an SP, my stress level would go through the roof, and I think this could be said for alot of us. It makes me wonder how a third party was able to get my info and how available would this info be to anyone. I really have no trust in these ads in the coast with that story and also with what Savannah (and I have to get to see her soon) was going through by having her ad completely ripped off by another SP. Another thing is ads that show up and disappear with in a few days. What's it saying when you see an ad which features an email address (one that doesn't look like any attempt at a pseudoname) advertising a service only to be removed a few days later. I don't know the coasts' screening process for posting (and screening for adult services, that might be a fun job) but this is saying they don't put alot of thought into what's going up on the site. I know I don't want to contact a non SP that's had their info put up on a website without their knowledge. That could open a very ugly can of worms. I now see most of you affected by this issue have removed their business from the coast and I don't blame you one bit. There are a few other sites that I can get some info from, but I will say the only one that I feel as if I can really trust is this website. The recomendations and info from this site I think is the safest way to make a choice. To the regular contributors on this site, be you paying or getting paid, all I can say is thanks for providing reliable info, while other sites are interested in making a quick buck.
  7. redspot

    MMM Massage -Brandy

    Was greeted by Brandy and shown into a room to get comfortable on the massage table. Jenna came in and is 5'7 with shoulder length brown hair. I was given an ok back rub and asked to turn over. I upgraded my service for a tip to have her topless, nice breast (probably b cup), got to play with them while I received a great HJ. Afterward she hot toweled me off and that was it. Will probably repeat, I'd be interested in trying Brandy next time.
  8. I was looking forward to giving them a try but if their qualifications for an Asian girl, is to be a girl but not necessarily Asian I think I might have to take a pass on this. Back to the asian massage therapy for me.
  9. I couldn't find her ad in the Herald could someone PM me her info, that would be much appreciated.
  10. redspot

    Hali Incall

    I've never got them nude and all I've ever got was a hj finish. Whether it's different with the new location in Dartmouth who knows, I'm willing to bet it's the same. A little bit of topic but did anyone else see the ad in the new phone book for Asian Girls 24 hour escort service? I know this might be in the wrong section, but since it seems we all like orientals anyone know or try this new development?
  11. redspot

    Hali Incall

    Glad to hear they're back. I was told it's 50 for the half hour 70 for the full hour. That's probably going to be plus the 40 in the room as I asked if this was the same operation as what they had over on Wellington. The only downside was that she told me the place was over in Dartmouth :( Nothing against Dartmouth I was just hoping it would be conveniently located in Halifax again. I've been to three of their former locations (Wellington, Conought, and the street off of Quinpool) all great spots and easy to get to and from. I see going to Dartmouth as a deterrent if out of the blue I decide I want an Asian massage. Now if they're doing soapy body slide massages I might just eat my words.
  12. I hear good things about Oriental's but want to know what is available in Halifax for a massage in call. I'm talking 80 bucks to get me off from a good looking girl at some place not my own. Has anyone ever been to coolestescort.com to try tiffany?