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  1. New girl in town https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-massage/nova-scotia/halifax_new_experience_european_lady_gents_only_vip_privat-4699327
  2. leon1972

    Truro ads - Real or fake?

    Babygirl and Dillon are both real girls from Truro that I have seen but not for a while. Dillon is a student that sometimes visits Halifax depending on her schedule. Both have great reviews on listcrawler.
  3. leon1972

    Shower together?

    Additionally have also had the fortune of seeing a couple of lovely ladies offering separate shower/washroom and it is greatly appreciated as it is probably a significant extra expense on their part. A shower together can be fun but there is a risk so always better to ask.
  4. leon1972


    Recommended as follows
  5. Welcome to Lyla Layla!


  6. Welcome to Lyla Stephanie!

  7. Welcome to Lyla, Laura :-)

  8. Welcome to Lyla Alayna!

  9. leon1972

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    Rocking the glasses, so sexy geeky!
  10. Welcome to Lyla Geekygirl!

  11. leon1972

    27543223183 51bb928d30 k (1)

    Gorgeous! I hope you come to Halifax sometime!
  12. leon1972


  13. leon1972

    Which do you prefer?

    Fortune, you can buy publicity. Cool whip or cream?
  14. leon1972

    Grow - All natural bush

    Hanging up on you is the sort of behavior that can get you put on the naughty list. Sorry it didn't work out!
  15. leon1972

    Grow - All natural bush

    A couple of these Oriental ladies have stayed all natural so you could call to ask.