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  1. It was good for you to ask her and her responses seem reasonable. Everyone has expectations and we don't always click because we are not robots, you can't expect her to recalibrate and be the same as she was, especially if her circumstances have changed. You also can't expect her fix her life and just get over the memory of a bad day which you may have unluckily become a part of. I have also had a couple of not so great experiences where I probably would have been better off staying at home with the 'palm sisters' but most of my experiences have been great, partially in thanks to this site. Sorry it didn't go well and hope you have better luck in the future.
  2. An amazing woman that may have cast a spell on me but it was so sweet that I have to share. My schedule has been crazy lately so it was great to meet up in her clean and convenient location (what some people call the Darkside has been fine for me). Her sexy curves are much better looking in person than the pictures she has posted. Words fall short and won't share the details but I hope to see her again!
  3. Wish I could chose more than one but it would be a shame not to see MelanieRose nominated! Beauty, charm, humour,and a very sexy mind!
  4. You Might Be Buying a Hand Sanitizer That Won’t Work for Coronavirus Sanitizers that don’t contain the CDC’s recommended minimum of 60% alcohol are flying off store shelves Good old bar of Ivory is 99.44% pure, cheaper, way more effective against many viruses and is a decent spot stain remover.
  5. I have seen Amber in Montreal, pictures are real and can attest to her bountiful talents.
  6. Good luck Jeff, Lots of people beat this so get ready for a fight and know there are people cheering you on! Leon
  7. Jimmers, there is a search engine on this website with options to refine your search that is helpful. Some providers travel and you can find information from other provinces too. Worth a try before posting questions.
  8. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_other_truro_time_to_play_limited_time-4593858 Dillon Alexa 🙂
  9. MysMelanie is great and highly recommended! Contacting and scheduling with her was easy and since she posts her schedule on VIPfavours regularly. I also had concerns about the area, but have had no problems. Her place is clean, even though she has two cats, but you wouldn't know if she didn't tell you because they keep to themselves. Melanie is friendly, skilled and lots of fun.... could say more but prefer to keep the details to myself.
  10. New girl in town https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-massage/nova-scotia/halifax_new_experience_european_lady_gents_only_vip_privat-4699327
  11. Babygirl and Dillon are both real girls from Truro that I have seen but not for a while. Dillon is a student that sometimes visits Halifax depending on her schedule. Both have great reviews on listcrawler.
  12. Additionally have also had the fortune of seeing a couple of lovely ladies offering separate shower/washroom and it is greatly appreciated as it is probably a significant extra expense on their part. A shower together can be fun but there is a risk so always better to ask.
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