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  1. dumbass

    Ryder on LL

    No. I have been tempted, but chose not to as no one on here has anything to say
  2. dumbass


    hello everyone. just curious if anyone has seen alanna who advertises on leo list?
  3. dumbass


    i see she is coming to brandon next week. does anyone have some info? have seen she has visited before. thanks for your time
  4. advertises as a 24 year lady from Singapore. when I arrived at the eeting place, was an Asian lady in her forties and not the lady in the pictures on her post. as well the meaurements given were false.
  5. hello all. just curious if anyone has seen jenny who advertises on bp. pm if you feel the need. thanks
  6. just wondering if anyone has info on this lady posting on bp yesterday and today. pm me if need be. thanks
  7. dumbass


    yes they are, lucky enough to had a few opportunities to touch them. great lady, she has me addicted to her :)
  8. dumbass


    talked with dania today, and she has been on vacation. no issues with l/e
  9. dumbass


    hey everyone. anyone hear from dania and her friends? last few days all of her advertising has disappeared. wondering if she left town again.
  10. dumbass


    i can sum her up in 1 word, incredible. that is my opinion and how she makes me feel.
  11. dumbass

    Big crush on a SP

    i am in this situation right now. but will never say anything as i know how this is supposed to work and i dont want to make her uncomfortable in any way. she is very sweet and treats me nice.
  12. dumbass

    Dania in Brandon

    met her in brandon a couple of months ago while using a different name. absolutely no complaints. had a great time with her.
  13. dumbass


    yes she was fun. last i heard she was in winnipeg. that was a few weeks back tho
  14. sorry to hear bowser. have met with her several times and never been stood up. not sure how far you traveled but that just stinks to have that happen. i know from experience as it happened 1 time to me after a drive from brandon. good thing i had a back up plan.
  15. had so many good ones how do you pick just 1?? sheesh keissy was awesome and so is leigh amongst many others such as baby from montreal who is probably retired as i have not seen anything on her in years.