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  1. Rose is Brandon is ripping people off. Gets payment up front and then has her boyfriend show up. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/manitoba/brandon_brandon_let_s_have_some_fun_while_im_here_april_8_14th-8689020
  2. Hi. Just wondering if anyone has met with leash doll. She only does outcall and online. In info would be great. Thanks.
  3. Mia is a local Brandon lady. I have seen her numerous times. Never boring and always a lot of fun. She has an open mind and is easy to get along with. She will treat you like a king as long as you treat her with respect. She always asks me what I like and sometimes suggests things. Seems she wants to know all my desires and fantasies.
  4. Hi everyone. I see a couple of new ladies on Leo list in Brandon. Curious if anyone has experience with them. My pm is always open to anyone. Thanks.
  5. Sorry no. Go with your gut and be careful of anyone who asks for money sent prior to meeting. Let us know if you toftt
  6. Hi all. I have had the pleasure of seeing Mia multiple times. Have a great time every time I am with her. She is friendly, very talented and always focused on my desires. I understand she is now offering a duo. I can’t speak of that, but will have to give it a try.
  7. Thanks. I was suspicious so I came here to ask.
  8. I guess that is a no. 42 views and no comments. Lol
  9. Just wondering if anyone has had moana come for a visit.
  10. How does one get ahold of Mia. I would go see her if I knew how to contact her
  11. So how do we get ahold of you Mia? Pm if you want to
  12. i am in this situation right now. but will never say anything as i know how this is supposed to work and i dont want to make her uncomfortable in any way. she is very sweet and treats me nice.
  13. met her in brandon a couple of months ago while using a different name. absolutely no complaints. had a great time with her.
  14. sorry to hear bowser. have met with her several times and never been stood up. not sure how far you traveled but that just stinks to have that happen. i know from experience as it happened 1 time to me after a drive from brandon. good thing i had a back up plan.
  15. hello guys. i have now had the pleasure of seeing alexx twice now. my first meeting was a 30 mins. i am sure she was at my house well over an hour. my 2nd visit was 2 hours , so that should tell you how much i enjoyed the 1st visit :). and again she was here past the time. so as you can see is not a clock watcher. from the moment i met her, she put me at ease and i felt very comfortable talking with her and getting to know her. i am a shy guy and was very nervous.i am not going to go into details about our time together as a gentleman does not kiss and tell, but everything i like, was available. her ad is on ec and is a very accurate description of her. i plan on repeating over and over again. as for ratings on looks and and experience, i give her a 10 all around. please do not contact me about services or rates as you should contact her about that. keep in mind that she only does outcalls. thanks
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