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  1. He was probably asking about other people’s opinions or for more information about her.. Her reviews are limited… If you’re annoyed, scroll past 🙂 Any type of info on Kylie would DEFINITELY not be “useless inquiries” as I mentioned her reviews are limited, and it would be good to hear from some reputable members if any have seen her to confirm! Some people rather see girls who have been recommended by at least 2-3 other reputable members to avoid any type of sketchy encounters. Have a nice day, hopefully you can pull the stick out your a**
  2. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/greater-toronto/city_toronto_sexy_innocent_blond_girl_outcalls_partygirl_duos_avail-6741982 This is the original ad and photos that she has stolen!!! please look thru them! She is a fraud and scam!
  3. this post is NOT about you. I posted this back in january when your name was grace. You specifically changed your name because there was good reviews for the name Laylah. You think you are sneaky but you’re not.
  4. I can reassure others that Laylah is a flat out scam. Experience is was extremely uncomfortable. Yes it is her in 6/12 photos, but half of her photos are from a verified ad in toronto. Please do yourself a favour and chose another girl, for your own safety. She is NOT worth the risk.
  5. My experience with Laylah was quite questionable. I got there and she was clearly on something. She was crying to me and telling me her mom died. A couple weeks later i met with another SP who personally knew laylah and assured me that her mother is alive and well. I am very upset by my experience as I payed more than what she asked for, and was put in a very uncomfortable and awkward situation. PM me for more details.
  6. If they are underage, my question is…. how are they verified as Independent on Lyla? and Verified as real on leolist? I believe you must be 18+. As well as multiple people seeing them, leaving reviews, it wouldn’t make sense as to how so many people are seeing them! Sounds like many accusations of people you’ve clearly never met! Hopefully you can sort your confusion out! Have a wonderful day @jobo816
  7. I wouldn’t send a deposit unless you can facetime the girl and confirm it’s really her in the pictures! Also normal deposit prices i’ve payed were anywhere between 50$-150$ ! Many girls require deposits before meeting which I respect, I would just make sure I really do my research in verifying if the girl is real before sending!
  8. I’ve contacted her. Attempted to make plans to meet. She ends up ghosting each time. Spoke on the phone, really sweet girl. The ghosting just gets annoying…. Although she seems legit! Would love to meet her if we could get past that!
  9. Changed her name to Yasmine!! same link!
  10. changed her name to yasmine i see! same link!
  11. I’ve PM’d you some recommendations… I appreciate the daring honesty! No shame! Respect brother
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