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  1. If they are underage, my question is…. how are they verified as Independent on Lyla? and Verified as real on leolist? I believe you must be 18+. As well as multiple people seeing them, leaving reviews, it wouldn’t make sense as to how so many people are seeing them! Sounds like many accusations of people you’ve clearly never met! Hopefully you can sort your confusion out! Have a wonderful day @jobo816
  2. I wouldn’t send a deposit unless you can facetime the girl and confirm it’s really her in the pictures! Also normal deposit prices i’ve payed were anywhere between 50$-150$ ! Many girls require deposits before meeting which I respect, I would just make sure I really do my research in verifying if the girl is real before sending!
  3. I’ve contacted her. Attempted to make plans to meet. She ends up ghosting each time. Spoke on the phone, really sweet girl. The ghosting just gets annoying…. Although she seems legit! Would love to meet her if we could get past that!
  4. Changed her name to Yasmine!! same link!
  5. changed her name to yasmine i see! same link!
  6. I’ve PM’d you some recommendations… I appreciate the daring honesty! No shame! Respect brother
  7. that’s not the girl i’m talking about!
  8. Gorgeous. Her chocolate skin is to die for. could look at this pic for hours😍
  9. After seeing many girls, I have some favourites! I have 5 but sadly my all time favourite doesn’t remember me! Sad when that happens and you think so highly of someone! Cherry Tartlette. She doesn’t stay in Halifax, but when she visits, she’s a great girl. Does many different things I’ve never experienced! She’s very mature, sexy, and has a great vibe. She always dresses up when meeting, she offers a variety of different services which i very much appreciate. She is very professional and I can tell she takes pride in her job, which i very much admire. I love her passion. Never rushed, always takes her time, always pleases me to the fullest. I do wish she visited more often. But i really like her because she keeps communication even while away. A great SP. Sweetie is highly addictive and someone I cant stay away from. She looks just as she does in her pics. She is very sweet, genuine and has a great personality. Bubbly and cute, very petite, and gives amazing services. Her body is great, she’s very tight and toned, has beautiful long hair, and i must note, she always smells amazing! And her room too! Very clean, cute, sexy and a must meet! Very professional. I admire her work ethic. She is very skilled. Very clean. Sexy. One of the prettiest girls i’ve met. She pleased me to the fullest. Sweetie gave me a sweet tooth, and now I crave her all the time! I can’t get enough. Bea is a favorite. I keep coming back for more. So hot. Her body is perfect. She has a perfect butt and amazing boobs. Her face is stunning and she has sexy piercings. She is extremely hygienic, very clean, always smells great, and is so sweet and professional. Great to communicate with, and very straight forward and to the point. I very much appreciate Bea and her skills. She is someone who must be met. She looks just like her pictures and is super fun and all around perfect. Another one of the prettiest girls i’ve ever met. She has a great personality and is very sweet. She tried to make me as comfortable as possible and met all my needs. She is amazing. Lexi Grace was also in my top 5. She was an amazing experience. I was not expecting it to be honest. But if you like older girls, she’s definitely sexy, mature, and very skilled. She took her time, and even gave me extra time. She massaged me, made me feel amazing in every way possible. She is an amazing SP and i HIGHLY recommend her. Amazing. She was great, had a great personality, which is very important to me as you can tell i’ve mentioned personality many times. She is all around great and i was really blown away by Lexi Grace. She was amazing and i was not expecting the experience i had. all around 10/10
  10. went to see Kandi, glad i did. Looks just like her pictures, sexy and sensual, gorgeous face to go with her smokin bod, so glad i chose kandi! 100% real and legit
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