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  1. So my gf and I tried to book this girl last night for 8 for 2 hours and we waited in the parking lot for 30 minutes before leaving when she wouldn't respond to give us a room number. Then she finally contacted us an hour and a half later. Obviously we weren't interested then. Then today we tried booking with her again. Not a problem quick to respond. Then when we arrive at 230pm when we said we would nothing. Tried texting and calling, no response. We left after half an hour of waiting and went for a drive. After an hour she finally responded and asked if we could come back. Sure why not. We did and as we got closer she said that her email wasn't working and she would need gift cards as payment, steam cards. (Which is a typical online scammer technique). We said sure but we wanted to actually see her before even entertaining that. She would not comply and refused. Beware this "girl" as its probably some sweaty old dude scamming from India. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/newfoundland/st_johns_sweet_in_the_middle-5945104
  2. Very good service. Safe play and made you feel welcome. Thicker than you expect in a good way.
  3. cammy256

    Luscious Lynn Be Da Queen

    she is on bp now, must have taken a break.
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    new to town

    I'm in Fredericton.
  5. Hey folks. I'm new to the area and am looking for some recommendations. Are there any particular ladies that are something I should see. Thanks
  6. I am in town for the evening and am looking for a recommendation. any ideas folks?