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  1. Wow..an interesting topic For me I've always been a fan of outcalls as I feel the most comfortable with that arrangement. I do prefer booking a few days in advance as it's just like waiting for Christmas. The build up is half the fun. I'm always concerned with offending a lady so hygiene is important to me as mentioned previously by others. I do a trimming of my pubic areas the day before with the hopes that I won't have a stray hair at the wrong time. Shower, floss and brush my teeth 20 minutes before the date. I will shallow a small shot (yuck) of mouth wash just in case there is something foul brewing in my innards.(Armed Forces trick to keep the RSM happy when he's standing and yelling 1 inch from your face) I place the money in an unsealed envelope and place it in plain site. (Usually the most likely place she would place her hand bag.) I stock the fridge with a small bottle of white and red house type wines plus a coke, sprite and some fruit drink and water. When she arrives I take her coat, offer her a drink and make sure she sees the envelope. I prefer a chat to break the ice and wait for her to initiate contact. I'm funny this way but for me it's still a date thing and her permission to touch is needed before I will do so. Like others I will not drop the F bomb and treat the young lady with the same respect I would should she be a more traditional date. I don't ask about her job etc but try and find something light to talk about or at least talk as best as I can while my heart pounds in my throat. I prefer a slow simmering session opposed to a porn star experience. One shot on net is enough as it's the quality that counts. I do expect that she stay for the time booked and prefer that she keep track of the time. If it was an incall the reverse would be true as I wouldn't want to overstay my welcome. A cuddle / massage after the event is always valued. I will check her website over (If there is one) and make sure that I?m up to speed regarding any of her policies. I may have a drink but never more then 2 in the last 90 minutes before the date. Wouldn't want alchole to affect performance. I always tip 10% regardless of service and already have that money in the envelope. If she provides a wonderful experience that I will add an additional tip afterwards. At the end of the date I always ask if she would like to be escorted out of the hotel. Usually when I follow the above it keeps me out of trouble and meets the requirements for the lady. I would be curious if there is anything else I should do to make the experience more stress free for her. I do have expectations of my own which I will list. The young lady should always live up to their own billing if listed on a website. I know a GFE experience is a very subjective thing but if you advertise DFK, BBBJ etc then please do provide that service. If you are going to be late please call. When having the "get to know you chat" start some innocent touching like hand on my arm etc with more forward touching as the next few minutes pass. Try not to stretch this connection time as there are limits. Wear something that is sexy yet appropriate for the hotel. I know this can be tough but arriving dressed as a stripper and waiting in the lobby for me escort you upstairs is not fun. Wear something that wets the appetite but in a subtle way. By all means wear something eye popping under as I love the "let me powder my nose" portion of the date as she returns from the bathroom looking just fab. If you need to cancel please let me know with as much notice as possible. If you can provide a referral to another provider then all the better. For outcalls perfume is not really an issue but if we meet via an incall go easy on any perfume that may get on my cloths. I find that perfume on the skin does not transfer to my cloths so spray your skin not blouse. The same hoops I jump through towards hygiene should be followed but I don't expect you to swallow mouth wash like I did. If she doesn?t feel 100% at the time of the date she should cancel. An honest explanation of why would likely result in a repeat visit from me. Simply plowing through and only giving lack luster service will result in a no repeat. Providing Aeroplan air miles or club Z points. (Just kidding here) I remember seeing a website a few years ago that allowed the gentlemen to plan the date from a list of pull down menus. Such options if memory serves me correctly included selections of outfits or costumes that could worn (by her), specific acts, how aggressive you wanted her etc. I have had good and bad experiences in the past but a few little things a date or two has done that really stand out are. One girl in Vancouver from Carman Fox's agency used to bring me a Maxum magazine each time she visited. Inviting me into the shower at the end of the date was always nice. (I know some ladies may not be comfortable with this) Bringing a warm damp face cloth plus a dry towel from the bathroom after the event is always nice. I remember one girl telling me not to leave so fast as she had me for the full hour. One woman used to email me after and ask what I liked the best and what would I like next time. One Agency in Montreal calls after the date to make sure that I was happy. One lady in Vancouver used to call an hour before and ask what I wanted her to wear. Just my thoughts... I hope it helps.
  2. I can only speak for Viagra as it's the only enhancement I've tried myself. I've never yet (fingers crossed) had any erection problems (44 now) but I have found that viagra gives me the type of erections I had when I was 16. How much of this is the benifit of the drug or just mind over matter I won't debate as the end result was great and how I got there was moot. I did find that it provided a very mild headache 2 or 3 hours after taking. Plus if I had more then 1 or 2 glasses of wine the headache got worse and the booze wiped out the benifits.. Your milage may vary Cheers Hazard
  3. I waited to long to try this place... From other boards it appears the city pulled their License. It looks like Jasmin wanted to run the business above board and with no permit she closed the doors. It looks like she will be back, but you, like me will need to stay tuned to this bat channel.
  4. I've got to say it pains me how I should be writing this as my experience with PK had both good points and negative. I'll try and explain without hurting any feelings. Called PK as I was not able to track down Paige and due to some glowing reviews of this agency I figured I'd give it a go.. Phone call was made and a time to meet Alisa was setup. Location was in a downtown hotel and this is where the problem starts. Hotel locks the front door at night and you need to have a key card to get in. Front desk staff sees me at the door and lets me in. He asks if I want a room. Like an idiot I say I'm waiting for my sister.. I went back out and called the agency who said they'd send Alisa down to get me.. As expected she turned up and let me in. As we walked to the elevator she tells the front desk gentleman that I'm her boyfriend. Can you say awkward ?? (My fault) Alisa was as pictured on PK's site so there is no bait and switch here. When I entered her room I find she has a co-worker present. A very pleasant looking young lady and her name escapes me. It becomes apparent that I will be putting this lady out while I spend my time with Alisa. The phone operator did quote me an amount should I wish two ladies and I did reconsider until they quoted me their rate which was twice the amount the fella on the phone wanted. The room itself was a mess with the bed unmade and tossed , food all over the place and wet towels thrown and piled on the bathroom floor. I shouldn't be to picky but it was not the atmosphere I had in mind. Alisa herself is rather petite and attractive. Her kissing was very nice but the rest of the service was mechanical in nature with her yawning a fair amount and she was more focused on the TV. She appeared very tired and distracted. I'm sure at another time she would be more upbeat and ready but not this time. I think I was at least two clients past her prime this evening. With this experience I'd have to say that I will not repeat with this agency. This is not a reflection specific to this young lady but just the service she provided. And of course it's just my opinion.
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