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  1. HI! Has anyone seen Eva at Body Basics? Her pics look amazing!
  2. Her ad used to say nicest girl you will ever meet and it's true! She is really nice, very cute, smart & friendly. I thought I reviewed her before but maybe not! If she did incallls I would see her OFTEN, she used to do them in Westboro, that's where I saw her. ABSOLUTELY worth your while!
  3. Her new pics are amazing, she is nice on the phone, I have tried a few times to hook up but she usually does outcalls at night which doesnt work for me. I'm definitely going to keep watching & trying! What a smokeshow!
  4. Have spoken with her on the phone, she seems quite nice! If she wasn't a smoker i would have TOFFT! Good luck!
  5. Saw her last year, pics are real, she is cute. She had a menu with individual pricing, not sure about now though. Nice girl!
  6. I believe all of them except for Monica have been reviewed in the past, they may be hard to find without their cerb handle
  7. Recently saw Daphnee, what a cutie! She's a bright, pretty, sporty looking gal. We had a lot of fun, she has a sort of routine that she likes to do starting of with a shower(which I would do anyways), then dance, then on from there. We enjoyed all the usual gfe stuff, did not get into extras, but they are available. Cute french accent, decent english as well. Next time I'm going during day, candles are nice but I prefer to see her better! Would repeat & recommend!
  8. Yes pics are real, she's quite cute, good time
  9. Had appoint with Alya, they were both there when I entered room. They are both cute, Vanessa left & and had a fun half hr with Alya, yes those are real soft natural boobs! Next time I'm going to see Vanessa or both of them!
  10. she has a rec here under Trisha
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