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  1. cat

    LeoList Reviews?

    No, Mod_Cat is not me but she is in fact one of the Mods here on Lyla! 😉
  2. cat

    Guide to TOFTT

    The bottom line is that only a small percentage of business is generated off the boards. I know many providers with no online presence who are ethical and run successful businesses. Boards aren't needed to make provider successful but they have the power to ruin a providers life both personally and professionally. A rare few of my clients are on the boards, most don't want to be involved with them and some don't even know they exist. If there is nothing online that doesn't mean she's not reputable, it means there is nothing posted about her. There are a myriad of reasons why there is nothing, with the most obvious being she doesn't want anything posted. I've specifically requested that nothing be posted about me. If someone has enjoyed themselves, a simple thank you is appreciated; if there is a problem then I rectify it. There is no need for anything to go online. smiles, cat
  3. Yes, it is prone to trolls for sure. I wonder if any Lyla clients have had an issue getting a response from providers if they use it?
  4. I agree, it's not for booking purposes but I've spoken with several providers who have had issues where a client repeatedly tries the booking form and eventually gives up. Then at a later date resorts to using the website contact form and the discussion ensues that he had been reaching out, sometimes for months and not getting a response. It means there were missed $ opportunities. Posting a warning in your ad to not use it gets deleted and I'm just curious as to how wide spread it is.
  5. I have a question for providers and clients regarding LeoList as well. Providers: Do you receive email inquiries from the contact form on LeoList? I have yet to find a provider who has but many have been told by clients who texted or used their website contact form that they initially tried to go directly thru the LL contact form but didn't receive a reply. Hobbyists: Have you tried to use the form and if so, did the provider respond to your email?
  6. Cameron, Thank you so much for posting this, in advance and clearly laid out! I genuinely appreciate you communicating changes before they happen. smiles, cat
  7. I don't feel pressured, I was simply sharing my personal experience. And having photoshoots is in fact "forced" in this industry if one wants to advertise regularly. I've never seen a provider website that didn't have photos. Even agency girls are vilified if stock photos are used. Did you ask her if the photos are accurate or is it stated on her website that all the photos are current? If she has told you they are current or states they are then that is in fact misrepresentation. If she hasn't, then is it truly misrepresentation? We see it all the time online; hotel rooms that are frayed around the edges, food delivered to the table that doesn't match the IG pic, flowers delivered that don't have the same freshness. A photo is a two dimensional image of something captured in a single moment in time with the most flattering presentation possible and never an exact depiction. As for the age, again it's in the perception. Have you asked her how old she is and she lied to you? I can add or deduct 15 years off my age in presentation if I choose to by simply adjusting my dress and mannerisms. The only clients that really pay attention to the aging of providers are those on the boards who follow the industry closely which is a minority of the potential client base. If a provider finds it more financially feasible to post that she is 25 and has good client retention then it is in fact a smart business move. And this is a business, the bottom line dictates the decisions. The day will come when she needs to adjust after a couple of clients walk away and she will do so once it becomes necessary. I posted here because I have thought extensively about the issue of photos. I have a blog post explaining my position on it and the challenges it presents. I'm not trying to be argumentative, simply explaining my personal position on the subject. smiles, cat
  8. As someone who has an active site with older photos but seldom advertises, I simply don't see the need to put myself through the hassle of a photoshoot. I hate having my picture taken, I don't take selfies or willing have "in the moment" pictures taken. Family photos need to be planned well in advance and there will be tequila required before the sitting. Every shoot I've ever had done has made my stomach bleed and I'd rather go to the dentist for a root canal with no freezing than have a camera any where near me. I'm the same size I was 15 years ago, I've aged exceedingly well and if current pictures are that important to someone then they aren't the kind of client I want to meet. I have a blog on my site and private members area that gives massive insight into who I am, the experience I offer and what they can expect. If it's not enough to give them the feel of me, then new pictures aren't the answer. I get the demand for pictures but I don't agree that it's mandatory to have. It hasn't hurt my business and why invest $$$$ when it's unnecessary? When I decide to start advertising again in a big way I will suck it up, deal with the resulting ulcers, drink some tequila and pose. Right now, it's just not something I need to put myself thru. smiles, cat
  9. cat

    Coconut Oil as lube

    I use coconut oil and lecithin for day to day natural lubrication without issue and I make my own water based lubes. One with distilled water, arrowroot, vit C and lecithin. The other with pure aloe vera gel, vit C and lecithin. I freeze them into small squeeze bottle and suppositories, then pop a suppository in after my shower before an playdate and keep a squeeze bottle in the playroom. I love coconut oil but it really shouldn't be used with latex at any time.
  10. cat

    SP doing more, = tipping more

    As someone who has an established client base and rarely sees new clients, I will second the idea that being a consistent, bankable regular goes a long way. By bankable I mean that your timing is calendar consistent (every 1/2/3 weeks) and the envelope is consistent. The clients that get the extra sparkle are the ones that remember the little things like a little extra around the holidays or when they know I have some extra expenses on the table. I have a couple of clients that are frequent flyers and will offer to book flights on points for me or they are tradesmen who can spend an hour or two to lend a hand when I'm doing a little diy that needs a license. I have fired clients that I felt weren't appreciative of the extra efforts I make to give above and beyond value for dollar. If they can't be bothered to bring me a simple Christmas card or in some small way recognize that I always deliver more than is represented in the envelope then we are not a good match. I'm not big on gifts, I have everything I need materially so I prefer cash or gift cards which makes it easy and it doesn't have to be an expensive gesture to be worthy. Just being on the same page in appreciating what we both bring to the table is often enough to keep me invested in ensuring our time is always food for the soul...
  11. Actually, the new laws make it completely legal for her and at that point, you have done nothing illegal unless you were silly/stupid enough to ask intimate questions via text or email. You simply contracted her company and meeting her in the lobby is not illegal. The law isn't rocket science, don't discuss details except in person and all is well... smiles, cat
  12. I would beg to differ. Here in Ottawa alone, there are more than enough verified, legitimate, ethical providers to supply the demand. But guess what? They aren't run off their feet. The b&s providers are. You are right, men like variety so unless a provider is touring (which isn't an easy task on any level) ethical providers income decreases over time, especially since C36. Only a small portion of the client base care if a provider is using real pictures. Those men end up on the boards. All the rest of the men, the majority of the time get laid and have fun; no muss/no fuss. Verified venues like Escorts Canada withered because of the Baskin Robbin hobbiests willing to see b&s providers for the thrill of the undiscovered. Most providers can't live comfortably, let alone thrive with the overhead on board members business. Board clients demand providers invest in their business but few are truly bankable clients. They are safe clients but not reliable enough to pay the mortgage. So what are providers suppose to do? Continue to invest in "verifying" themselves, spending more time and $ or just saying "NO" and have to deal with being accused of being a fake? It's a power play and entitled imo. I know a provider who has been on Lyla for over 10 years, very well established and has exemplary reviews who chose to remove her verified photos from LL because they didn't align with her branding and every contact since then has accused her of being a fake because these men want someone else to be responsible for doing their homework. People need to take responsibility for themselves, do their own research and quit belly aching. I hate to use the term but "Man up!" and understand this is an adventure not designed for the poor, the cheap, the weak, the stupid or the insipid... cat
  13. cat

    Age listing

    There is no rule of thumb. I use my accurate age, always have. I know providers who add years (5-10+) and some who shave years. I know providers who look 15 years younger than their biological age and some who look much older than they really are. Everyone sees the world thru their own experience so that also influences. I have people who don't believe me when I tell them my age and others who say I'm much older. My trick is not giving a Flying Fuck what people want to think. I always present my best and that's all anyone can do. If accurate age is important to a client then he is probably going to be perpetually disappointed unless he has a clinically trained eye. If you've been watching a provider long enough to notice she hasn't adjusted her public age and haven't seen her, why do you care? She obviously isn't your type so just focus on a provider who is your type and move on to being happy. Isn't that what life is all about? smiles, cat