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  1. She is not working now because of covid but if she resumes at some point, Lily on Prince of Wales would be an excellent choice for a high quality massage. She has many recos and to top it off is a very nice lady.
  2. I know Lily on Prince of Wales and Abby on Lees are not working as of yet either.
  3. Julie, independent on Nepean St. resumed advertising late June and early July but I haven't seen her ads for the past couple of weeks so she may have stopped. I found one of her old ads from March and the ph # then was 343-997-3138. I am not sure if that is still active but you can give it a try and see. I have not seen her but I believe she has had good reviews.
  4. Use the search function and type in 324 somerset to see the threads
  5. I think Douglas Adams might of met her. "Eccentrica Gallumbits is the far-famed triple-breasted whore of Eroticon Six. Some people say her erogenous zones start some four miles from her actual body. Ford Prefect disagrees, saying five.[1] It is possible that the Big Bang was actually one of her orgasms. She wrote The Big Bang Theory - A Personal View by Eccentrica Gallumbits and It's Just One Boob After Another."
  6. I remember that thread about the two columbians in the east end. I think Sandra is a very much a ymmv lady as some did reported legit massage. Maybe because I was there 2 hrs and we got to know each other that my experience was different.
  7. Thank you Phaedrus, and Greenteal. I thought it just meant do not review. I couldn't agree more that the providers wishes take priority. A learning experience for me from a couple of elite members with impeccable reputations.
  8. I agree with Greenteal but some contact info would be nice to find out who she is without going into any details.
  9. Wonderful Massage in Kanata is Sandra who used to operate out of a condo on Beauparc Private off Cyrville rd. She is Columbian and I had a 2 hr. session with her when she was there a couple of years ago. Very good massage, nice lady. Left very relaxed with a smile. Not to be confused with the other Columbian lady that was closer to Place D'Orleans. Never saw her but from all reports she was completely legit.
  10. Hi, some more info would be helpful. Does she work at a an AMP or is she an indy provider. a link would also be helpful. There are a number of asian masseuses in Gat. near the casino.
  11. I have been a contributor to this board for a number of years (2010) and tried to abide by the rules. A few months ago someone wanted info on a provider and I wrote " No comment as per the rules of this board". My content now has to be monitored indefinitely for doing something that I thought was ok. One minor mistake in 9 years, no warning just lifetime moderation. That is I feel one reason this board is so inactive.
  12. I don't know about a web site but I have seen her ads on Kijiji. Nothing there today. To avoid paying a fee to Kijiji many advertisers will post daily for free, then delete and repost so many times the links provided don't work. They do this to avoid Kijiji's rule of not allowing duplicate ads.
  13. https://madameg.ca/ I haven't had xaxing but her exfoliation massage is to die for. I know she is trying to build her male waxing clientele so it might be worth checking it out.
  14. If you are into sensory experiences you will love this. I took the 90 min. exfoliation massage and my skin has never felt as smooth. She uses a combination of hot and cold oils and sea salts. GiGi is a very nice lady who loves what she does and knows her way around a body. I will definitely be repeating. She hosts in a private residence and there is parking available.
  15. Looks like there might be 3 working out of Huntersfield now. Looks like there might be three working out of Huntersfield now. the blonde, the brunette (Hannah?) and now an asian man.https://www.kijiji.ca/v-health-beauty/ottawa/massage/1469320534
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