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  1. I dont see them on the DND list
  2. They don't seem to advertise on kj anymore. Can anyone PM their contact info. Thanks
  3. Has anybody been here recently under the new name?
  4. I went in and saw Jules today. She had a cute face with a nice body. Her massage was average but left happy. I will definitely repeat soon.
  5. Can anyone pm me rates and suggested tips?
  6. Are the talent there Asian or non Asian?
  7. Thanks Fresh. I was seeing red flags too.
  8. http://winnipeg.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/winnipeg-new-special-all-menus-new-arrived-11-16-sexy-36d-model/2880396 I am interested in seeing Jenny. Does anyone have any info or experiences?
  9. Could you pm me a little more detail in your experience with this girl.
  10. Does anyone have any recommendations or information for a real SLOW massage? Please feel free to PM me.
  11. Thanks....I'll see what happens at my visit.
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