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  1. kris1972


    Megan absolutely will relieve you manually. She gives a deep massage unless you ask for light relaxation. Asian, forties, nothing special about finishing technique. Tipping not discussed prior. Donation of your choice.
  2. kris1972

    Ness Massage news

    Picture shows 832 on door
  3. kris1972

    Ness Massage news

    832 was raided by police yesterday Global news
  4. kris1972

    Ness Massage news

    Same situation four years ago, same location , it blew over. At that time, they requested you purchase a sixty dollar membership card. I have zero fear with law enforcement going for a massage to a licensed business. All legal responsibility is on the business. Maybe if you’re married take slight precaution. But this so called neighborhood sting is old , repeated news at this location.
  5. kris1972


    Text her early evening tonight. She told me 8 pm and then said 630 pm is available. She gave me an extensive list of extras available which were not expensive. Wellington crescent location. Offered incall only. I almost took the plunge but rather saw an old, reliable, well reviewed lady.
  6. kris1972

    Hello Everyone

    very good English indeed.
  7. kris1972

    Bw hotel Wellington

    I've had bad experiences at this hotel as well. Always bait and switch. Never proceed through the lobby to the elevator. Never !! She will text you the hotel and won't give you the room number til you're parked or in the lobby. You're being watched at this point. Always use the stair wells !!! Text from the stairs. Be familiar with where the stair wells are. If she is on the fifth floor, and you don't like what you see when she opens the door, head to the stairs and walk up to the sixth floor. Wait a few minutes and then proceed down to the lobby. Never use the elevator. Always email the hotel about your experience, from an anonymous email account and IP address of course. I've had decent luck at the Victoria inn, but terrible experiences at the best western, days and comfort inn. Always know that the pimp is very close by. Seconds away.
  8. kris1972

    Sexy Sassy massage

    Correct. Daisy. Been around for three years. Much better options out there imo
  9. kris1972


    Has been around a long time under different names. Ebony Laura, Sheridan to name a few. If she had one good legitimate review, I would consider seeing her. Key word, legitimate.
  10. kris1972

    Mya Elmwood. CL?

    Consider yourself lucky, Manitoba.
  11. kris1972

    Mya Elmwood. CL?

    Previously known as Sheridan and ebony Laura. Was almost 250 lbs a few years back. Based on previous reviews over the past decade, I cannot comment further. Do your homework.
  12. kris1972

    Mobile and Therapy Room

    MonorZ was Correct and a very credible newbie. Also so was the other guy who said no more happiness available. Still a good regular massage experience.
  13. kris1972

    Delightful Massage-Craigslist

    Thanks for the info Horndog and fresh. Being a homophobe, I just don't understand why they don't disclose the truth about their born sex organs.
  14. kris1972

    Delightful Massage-Craigslist

    Kat/Alley Kat absolutely has a degree in marketing. He/she has extremely clever ads, changes up the wording, and confuses regulars with unique ads. I'm not sure why, as it must receive a lot of responses from the same men who have been temporarily fooled. Being fooled on email is one thing, being fooled in person by discovering a package down below is another.