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  1. Capital C is back in Winnipeg and advertising. She moved back to the city in the Spring . I have no idea where she is living now etc. She is the mature fifties lady who had the holistic wellness massage business in the Wolseley/West Broadway area about 5 years ago. Hipster lady. Holly Peterson. I’ve seen her ads on LL as recent as two weeks ago.
  2. Nah, it’s great to yap about it publicly. Keeps providers somewhat in check, and accountable for their staff and their service. The private group has had its day though. All the real intel is shared off of Lyla.
  3. The group is for reviews, not providers
  4. This private group has been around for 10 years Rachel .
  5. Wow so many pm’s about Megan, she will be booked up for awhile now. My review of her wasn’t glowing, but she is friendly and not greedy and she is open minded.
  6. Should read: chubby Asian auntie and her pants will hit the floor.
  7. Megan is early fifties , chubby Asian Aubrey, not greedy, not attractive , nice hand polish, her pants got the floor, but no oral or fs, only mutual touching
  8. Raven is a Winnipeg mystery. Same ad for 10 years. You might find 5 reviews max. someone is keeping her busy, and to himself.
  9. This is a great thread and great info, thank you
  10. She’s a very big girl who gives a release but does not allow touching her. Saw her only once over a year ago in a downtown apartment. Big girl
  11. Always goes by every name in the baby book for a female. Amberlynn, Brenda, Paige, Serene Parkin, Ashley have all been used this year. It is all one person.
  12. Parkins pleasures is their usual name pm me for more details of this establishment
  13. Canola oil is super cheap. Phoenix on Main and whatever other places they own use Canola Oil. It has a yellow colouring. Though it didn’t sound good to hear , my skin not smell ever suffered. But I will always remember a massage lady there telling me that it’s canola oil.
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