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  1. I had a very nice visit with Amie last week. Was happy with my massage and the extras that were offered. Great place too. I’ll be back again for sure.
  2. Saw her a couple of times pre-Covid. Most recently maybe 2 years ago? She used to be based in Moncton full time. She’s a sweet heart and I wouldn’t hesitate to spend time with her again.
  3. My apologies for the delay in writing this review, but with Angela returning to Moncton shortly I thought it was an appropriate time . Communication with Angela was very easy. I was asked to shower upon arrival, which is great, helps me to relax and ensures I am squeaky clean for our session. Angela provided a relaxing massage and I greatly enjoyed her touch....in more ways than one. I will definitely be spending time with her as often as I can.
  4. I've never heard of her, what part of the province is she in?
  5. I visited her today. Great location. The pictures are either really old or not her, but didn't take away from the experience. I'd repeat.
  6. I know this gets asked occasionally, but it's been a while. I'm in Miramichi for the day on Friday the 15th and looking to meet an SP if there is anyone offering services these days. Suggestions/recommendations? Only VIP shows up on BP..... Thanks!
  7. Just text them and they will provide photos. I didn't meet Cleo but Karma's photos are accurate.....she's a very hot spinner type.
  8. I had great fun with Karma in a short "get to know you" encounter and I look forward to visiting here again soon!
  9. Thanks Emily. Too bad my timing did not work out better, I would love to have spent time with you in Bathurst. Thanks for the "heads up" about the agency.
  10. I will be in this area on Monday and Tuesday. Any SP in the region these days? A search on here did not turn up much. I am a 33 year old professional consultant in the area for work and looking to make my Monday night less lonely. A lunch or dinner date would also be very welcome. I am a handsome, quiet guy who enjoys great conversation with a nice glass of wine or beer.
  11. Have you dealt with that agency? Can you give us some more details about your experience? Thanks!
  12. I also know of one that I have been very pleased with. It may be the same woman as the previous poster, but PM me anyway if you want.
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