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  1. If you thing this is real ... i did not do any research and i would say by looking at the 1st pic this is 1000% bait, .... but idk maybe someone woukd like to check it out and let us know if i was wrong?
  2. I did on her first visite, was a verry good visite for me, its seam like she was also injoying her time, and was not rushing anything, I will see her again for sure... this time around are schedule did not work out,
  3. I have not writh any review latly on this amazing provider thats goes over the top to make sure your experiences is one to remember, i have been seeing Brooklyn for quit some time now and every session has is tuch of personality. I'm addicted to her profesonalism, and her expertise, she listen verry well to your request and will make them come to reality if they respect her limites of corse, Respect this gem and you will have an amazing time, and dont forget to go the extra mill for a proper introduction you whant regret Her new partner is also amazing, I did not had the chance to book a duo, but I'm sure the dinamique between the 2 would blow me out of this world, Book with confidence guys, she is the gem of the region hands down 😉
  4. Thanks @FreddyGuy2021 will take your word for it and will stay safe... to many good provider out there anyway
  5. To me some photo seam to be a different lady but idk ?? And a new user on leolist..... i would maybe use caution?
  6. Thanks I saw those, looking to see if anyone localy have any reviews, some people that maybe have giving a lots of reviews and can be trusted since i dont know any of them in nova scotia
  7. Anyone in Moncton have any info or recommandation on these 2 girls comming up next week?
  8. Cant talk for ferrari since i have never saw her, easy to negociate tho are schedule just never lined up Nikki smith is amazing I do recommend no problem, only thing she is not available to often so dont miss out if she is !!!!
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