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  1. yes, dive in you whant regret she is amazing
  2. maybe but the best sub is in Moncton 😉 mouahaha
  3. yes its her, professional service, highly recommend and i am extreamly picky and supper carfull on who i see,
  4. thanks frederictonman for the info i am on there as well, not realy actif but i am there as well, mostly for info etc, i am going as zoro on there as well if ever
  5. Hi i would like to have PM with local people in the Moncton area that might have fetish that we could take about, wish tk explore this side of myself a little more, and would just like to share some idea or past experience (good or bad)
  6. Hi, i had a meeting with Olivia last week and wanted to drop a line to say that she is supper sexy, easygoing, professional, and her location is safe, supper clean, my time with Olivia was well spend, she is amazing and my expectation where surpass for sure, i will be having more meeting with this lovely lady, as soon as thus crysis of covid19 is done. Make sure to treat her well, we need more girls like Olivia around, i higly recommend meeting with her, my request was a little out of the ordinary and i did not regret
  7. are we talking about Ashli from Fredericton? if so i am also interrested in getting info since i am thinking about seeing her tonight
  8. i was told the samething, however i am carfull since they told me it would happen in camper at the back of the yard... but they woudk need a few hours notice in advance... i was hopping that someone have seen someone from this agency and could give a recommendation?
  9. Hi, i know Monique from Halifax have a few recommandation in Halifax but i would like to add one for you peole here in Moncton and NB.... she have been visiting Moncton on occation and i got the pleaser of seeing her a few time and can tell you that her pic are 100% her, she is well educated and supper professionnel in her service, I will not go in details of my meeting with her but she have push me in placess i was only dreaming of ... she is easy to talk with and easy to set a booking, her incall location or verry descreat and clean, i would recommand her to anyone that can be a gentlement with her cause that is what she deserve... 5 star plus 😉 😉 😉 Dont whait and go see her 😉
  10. hi everyone, I have been wanting to wright a review now for a long time but never got to it, i have been seeing Miss Brooklyn Style now for a few years on occation and can confirm that her professionnalism, discreation, trust, and location are top quality... she make you feel confortable the min you walk in, her smile her after care are always plan in advances, she is listening to your needs, and making sure your time with is always better then the previous time. when with her you are her priority and she is not a clock watcher. I will not go in details but her open minded have broth me to places i have never been before and have explore possibility i never was thinking possible, I would give her a 6 start out of 5 if it would be possible, treat her with respect and professionalism and she will return the favor
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