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  1. What a GREAT figure !! HOT !!
  2. I to have to agree with Monique. I have had to pleasure of meeting Erica. I can tell you from my experience Erica is a wonderful kisser..and a pleasure to be with...
  3. An MA The first time I ever meet her she said to me ... That I was the first client that ever made her orgasm 3 times in a session.. I said thank you...
  4. I prefer no bra no panties au natural when I see a Lady LOL !!
  5. I was laying naked on my stomach and the Lady says to me you have a great ASS !! I looked at her and said Thank you..
  6. shaved

    Wish I was there..
  7. shaved

    WOW what a figure !!
  8. In the back seat of a car. On a balcony. At a corn roast in the bush. On a beach in St.Lucia. In the ocean in St. Lucia and Greece. Got a BBBJ on old highway 16 while driving.
  9. I think it would be FUN !! I'd like to try it myself. So your roll would be MA massage only. As mentioned when it heats up what would you be doin?
  10. shaved


    That is a Great shot and I must say a GREAT body..
  11. shaved

    So many things to see and do !!!
  12. shaved


    They look amazing !!
  13. shaved

    Awesome abs!

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