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  1. So texted the sp and booked a time, got there at the time stated. Waited and then finally called, She then said I needed to send a etransfer before she lets me in. She said that’s the normal and she told me that. I still have the text trail and it was never mentioned. I replied i dont etransfer I have cash at that point some dude starts yelling in phone. Wtf? I hung up. I can see this being a total scam.Be warned.Her number is a 613 and ends with 4658
  2. I see a new spa on Innes with massage also, any reviews here or is it just that?
  3. Anyone know if she is at a new club dancing?
  4. Any word if the club is going to open soon? The billboard out front says soon, but the door says business for lease? What happened to the strip club licence?
  5. I went here also a couple weeks back, received the same and no extras but would like to know also.
  6. She must be on a extended holiday, been calling for weeks and right to voice mail. Hope all is well.
  7. Anyone heard from Layla? Havent been able to get a hold of her for a while. Hopefully she didn't retire.
  8. Wow, I forgot about her! Does she advertise on here? She had a nice set of man mades. Very friendly.
  9. Shes retired she told me and moved back to Florida. Staples I think. Said she can work out of there now. Too bad.
  10. SO what kind of bar is Mavericks? Dance, showbar? I don't get out often downtown but this show looks interesting, just wondering about the venue?
  11. I don't think this will happen there.
  12. Just called michelles and she no longer works there again, anyone know where she is now?
  13. No body knows? She must be somewhere.
  14. She was at Michelles on Donald but when I phoned Sunday shes gone. Any idea she is now? Shes looks like Pamela Anderson.
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