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    Just a 51+ year old male that enjoys the company of women and everything to do with the female body

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  1. Personally I now shop for tires online. I find them expensive here. One of the online sites I use is quattro tires. Prices are very good, although you may not have heard of some of the brands, I do my research and read up on the reviews.
  2. Sweating under the hot sun (not a good way) doing yard work being supervised by my dog
  3. Though I still serve each year I ensure that I attended services. It is truly heartening to see the many men, women and children paying respect. When they approach myself or people in uniform to say thanks, I politely say thank you, but please thank those that cannot be here in body, but are here in spirit because they have payed the ultimate price to the service of their country. There is a song by Terry-Kelly - A Pittance of Time that I find very touching. I have provided a link to it or at least you can copy and paste it if you haven't heard of it.
  4. Well written Mr Phantom I also am like you and post very little. The way I look at it by not being invited is how can a person be invited to a social gathering if they don't know you. They won't offer you to come if they don't know you from a hole in the ground. I remember a time when I was with friends at a party and this associate (Not someone I hang around with) was inviting people back to their place for a fire. I was not invited. Did I take offense? Heck no, as I didn't know him enough, and I would probably have done the same thing in his shoes. I am sure that there will be more socials in the future. Be patient and as you post more (for those that do post) people will come to understand and know you.
  5. ROFLMAO That is awesome. I can so relate to that hehe
  6. There is a way. When a hobbiest asks about a specific SP, and a member posts something like PM me for details. That usually means to me that something didn't go well. As well I believe that all the SP's have their own section that they may comment on about us hobbiests. just my 2 cents worth
  7. Good Evening I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Rebecca the other night and what a pleasure it was. Rebecca made me feel relaxed and at home within moments of meeting. She is a very articulate individual. I do not wish to go into details, but she is exactly what I am looking for in a women. It was if she could read my mind and provide for me exactly what I desired without having to state it aloud. She is passionate, intense, highly sexual. I do know that I plan to see her again soon as our encounters can only become more intense
  8. If you do head to Halifax, I would definitely be seeking you out for some time spent together.
  9. There is a place in Bedford. It is just not listed as a massage.
  10. This is something that I would also be interested in. As well as an SP that would allow DATY.
  11. You might want to have a read of this fourm here http://cerb.ca/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=5659
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