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  1. Sure. Whenever they feel like it😀
  2. Ashley has been in a few times, building up a nest egg. Noon till four. Try your luck. Otherwise no real spinners. Brandy has been around days fairly often for her.
  3. I heard that she was at Pigs daytime, maybe until the Fax goes back to normal hours.
  4. As to no one having been in the club, check on TERB. Plenty of people have and they say it is business as usual. (More so starting next Monday.) You can leave your table, while masked, for any number of reasons including going downstairs. That said, I'm staying away until my second shot has had time to work. Apparently a lot of the girls are up from Toronto. And I still say the singing and dancing refers to the customers, not "staff".
  5. If they are the same as 77 they are being shut down at midnight tonight.
  6. Lotta good 2 stages will do them with the Province taking charge. Oh well, Pigale here I come.
  7. They've added some hours, starting this week. Open 11:30 -0200 Wed. Thurs.and Fri. 1600-0200 otherwise except Sun. closed. Well, it's a step in the right direction, if only the ladies would show.
  8. From what I'm hearing on the rumour mill the Fax is done. A friend went by last night, tennish, and found the doors locked. The story going round is that their insurer won't renew so they are selling to the developers. Hello condos! Joe will be spinning in his grave. Happy golfing Phil and Earl.
  9. Which one? Nightime one was there this week. Daytime not so much but sometimes. She got a civilian job.
  10. Actually I was there a couple of weeks ago and they did have a flood. (We had to leave). The toilets backed up and overflowed. The thinking is it's due to all the Montreal Rd construction screwing up the drainage. So, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Anyway they seem to be open again.
  11. That's because they are dipshits and the only place they have bothered mentioning hours is hidden in Instagram. 7pm to 2am, Tues. to Sat.
  12. Actually I think those are the times, historically, when clubs thrive. My real fear is that the idiot owners will double the price of drinks to cover their present losses.
  13. I think you mean Khloe and she certainly isn't dancing anywhere, along with hundreds of others. The clubs will be the very last bars allowed to get back to normal.
  14. Diamond is at the Fax most days.
  15. Well the news hasn't been passed on to staff yet anyway, as of Saturday. The sales office isn't open yet so no units are sold and who knows if they will be. Don't cry in your beer yet and support the ladies.
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