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  1. I go there on occasion. I’ve only ever seen the same Asian attendant working. Same deal as 842 pretty much. Little less exciting but can be easier on the wallet.
  2. Better experience than any I’ve had of her at Oui. Unexpectedly to me, decently organized. Much better experience than expected, she wasn’t half bad at being attentive during the session. Definitely no tv or phone watching. Has a nice massage table setup. Meh for repeat. On the fence but that’s a positive comment as prior to this I’d have never given her another shot. There’s better, but her rack is nice to appreciate to add to your checklist once.
  3. Confirmed. It’s who JLeeLewis says.
  4. Booked this. But was hoping anyone that may have prior experience with this one could let me know/pm theirs. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-health-beauty/winnipeg/osborne-massage/1608324542 thanks. Regardless I’ll let ya’ll know after my appt. .. and yes I did a reverse image search and it’s obvs. A fake pic unfortunately, still gonna check it out unless warned off.
  5. She’s not. Called and asked and the dude said she doesn’t work there anymore.
  6. Saw what I thought may be an indie ad on Kijiji addressed at 825 Corydon. Decided to give it a go and setup an appt. was told to text when I got there. I did and haha, was told to cross the street to Oui and ask for Susan. Slightly annoyed about yet another clever tactic they suckered me into getting me in there. Nothing wrong with the place, but I lose interest when I’m being tricked no matter how minor. anyhow, it was for Susan who I’d never seen before so I wasn’t outraged at least. She’s been on my to try list. was a positive experience for me. I’d ask for her over the others there at the moment. crazy stretching stuff she did to me too. Almost told her to chill I ain’t about to play a football game hah. Down to earth and real friendly. A repeat, though I am hesitant to reward trickery.
  7. Went here today. Kijiji photo probably 10+ years ago? decent nice room setup, oily massage, friendly lady. not my thing, prob will not repeat. Middle of the road experience.
  8. Saw Jaz for the first time today. Decent/good massage n stuff, pretty girl too. She oddly played like the audio of a tv show or an audio drama/play during our session. Was distracting and a first for me. her phone went off too but she went over and turned it off. overall, I want this to be good cause she’s attractive, the massage and stuff were all fun and good, but man she was disconnected at times and that audio thing was weird hah. I’ll give it a couple more visits because once a provider gets to know you it can get so much better. I feel the first sessions can be a little cool sometimes.
  9. Agree with the pressure sales by Erica. Loved her but man she was a pushy upsell.
  10. I’ve followed this board for a long time and had Betty on my list based of referrals but she’s always been at locations I don’t visit. now that she’s closer, I’ve visited a couple times now. She’s a funny nice lady but the massage and all is meh. will probably not return for a third visit.
  11. Went back today. Much better massage, same attendant. Must be a familiarity thing or she has an odd day last week.
  12. Anyhow, about to hit it up again, went last week. Massage was meh this time around. This placed used to have amazing good massages with nothing else but there appears to have been an entire staff turnover. So, hoping I get a different attendant and it’s better this visit. If the initial massage is weak I don’t bother continuing to visit personally.
  13. They are currently not on that list.
  14. They were closed tonight, just walked by.
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