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  1. CaptHowdy

    Bridgewater/Osbourne Group

    Yes I saw Mikhayla a few weeks back. Was a great experience. Very friendly and easy going.
  2. CaptHowdy

    Looking for Any info

    Too much back and forth and hoops thru texting I gave up trying to get an apt with her.
  3. CaptHowdy

    New girl at Thompson

    Saw Jess today. A+.
  4. CaptHowdy

    Nancy from River Ave

    Just got back from River. OMG it’s shutting down at the end of the month. ARGH.
  5. CaptHowdy

    Ellice Massage

    Visited today. A good massage that left me happy.
  6. CaptHowdy

    King St - Massage

    Yeah I've seen those ads as well. I guess they aren't doing so well.
  7. CaptHowdy

    King St - Massage

    The attendant's name was Tess... unfortunately I just tried to book an appt with her again and she is no longer working there anymore :( That was fast.
  8. CaptHowdy

    King St - Massage

    xxxxxxxxx (PRICE REMOVED BY MOD) XXXXXX for the room for an hour massage. tips usually are the same price as the room. Blue Cross wouldn't be accepted there.
  9. CaptHowdy

    King St - Massage

    Had my first visit. Very nice. Clean, friendly. I didn't get to pick the girl as I got the first one available after a half hour wait. Thank goodness though the girl was smokin' and nice. While I waited I was in a room, getting a hand and foot massage from Michelle which was a nice added bonus. I'll be a repeat customer with the friendly service they provided for sure. Heck, I'll go just to see that attendant again.... whew.
  10. Ya. I am anxiously waiting for a review as well.