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  1. kokenne

    Sakura Spa

    Anyone seen Yvonne yet ? Hear she’s new
  2. kokenne

    Southwood Avenue massage

    Where is her ad ?
  3. kokenne

    New Kiji ad- Reiki Massage-Jenna B

    Sorry Lads but Reiki is the biggest scam there is ... it’s non touching they say it’s transferring energy threw the hands magically into your body ... wanna waste your $ ? Flush it down the toilet same result
  4. kokenne

    Phuong Hoa Spa

    I doubt anything happens here , looks like just another nail place looking for new advertisement spots
  5. kokenne

    Ness Massage news

    This place ain’t worth the effort anymore
  6. kokenne


    i won't repeat either, average massage wants to big a tip and haggles for ever....pass
  7. kokenne

    Prairie Lotus Tantra

    these hippies play on peoples ideas of what a tantric massage is...not worth $200 let alone $40...stay with the places you know, you'll be happier
  8. kokenne

    Sakura Spa

    Is Yvonne a bigger girl ?
  9. kokenne

    Sakura Spa

    Any intel on Yvonne ?
  10. kokenne


    ya at Stadacona...but i see your point I could have been clearer, lol
  11. kokenne


    Anyone here giving Handy’s ? Pm me if you can thanks
  12. kokenne

    Sakura Spa

    Anyone seen Vivi ?
  13. kokenne


    Betty quit Sakura anybody know where she went to ?
  14. kokenne

    Tulip or Lilly 2082 Ness

    Will you leave happy with Rachel ?
  15. kokenne

    Victoria Lane

    stay away from her...violent and her BF threatens you with a bat or other weapons and he's a large fellow