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  1. kokenne

    Ellen - in St. B

    Did you go see Ellen ? That was the oddest experience I’ve had. Sorry if my post offended you that wasn’t the intent the intent was to inform. Do wanna listen to me go see her and you share your experience
  2. kokenne

    Ellen - in St. B

    if you guys don't think the cops do stings like this you're pretty naive ...thats why we all stick to Sunny and Ivy..etc, the newbies are the ones you have to watch out for. laugh all you want, don't say I didn't warn you.
  3. kokenne

    Ellen - in St. B

    well her ad was up out of nowhere, when io was there she wouldn't even touch my ass but says later in a message she's open to it if i bring it up...like she was trying to bait me, now her ad is gone...most people don't just start massaging at home from nowhere...not sure just seemed fishy
  4. kokenne

    Ellen - in St. B

    anyone else agree this was a POPO sting? i just had a feeling something was wrong so i didn't say a word or ask for anything, just had a massage
  5. kokenne

    Sakura Spa

    Amy is a mid 40's lady soft little hands what's odd is she'll tease, no touching tease but lots up the inner leg, but NO extras, so if you want a soft relaxing teasing massage see her.
  6. kokenne

    Sakura Spa

    the girls are just moved over from 353...everything the same
  7. kokenne

    Ellen - in St. B

    When ads come up and it’s a hit and miss to book and it’s a residential setting .. you start to think ... popo...
  8. kokenne

    Ellen - in St. B

    5 out of 10
  9. kokenne

    Ellen - in St. B

    don't expect much, one hr is really 45 mins, lots of distractions and heard someone else in the house....
  10. kokenne

    Kitty on Kijiji

    it was not good...
  11. kokenne

    Monica. 832 Corydon

    dude you must have been mistaking and you were at 641, that's joti formally simi....how she still gets customers is a mystery to me, her famous one handed massage and other hand texting is famous in Wpg for the worst massage ever...yet people still go ?????
  12. kokenne

    Monica. 832 Corydon

    made the mistake of going back, made a appt, monica is a older lady, made me wait...oh can you come back 1 hr..?? so done with this place and its BS.
  13. kokenne

    Monica. 832 Corydon

    yes is Monica new or just a renamed current girl like they do now and then...like 741...Angela is Shasha
  14. kokenne


    so is Sunny at world or crystal?