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  1. can anyone get threw to sunny? i'm getting no replies to my text.
  2. This is a site for sharing , there holier than thou stuff if a joke ... easy answer , PM me for details
  3. Anyone seen Yvonne yet ? Hear she’s new
  4. Sorry Lads but Reiki is the biggest scam there is ... it’s non touching they say it’s transferring energy threw the hands magically into your body ... wanna waste your $ ? Flush it down the toilet same result
  5. I doubt anything happens here , looks like just another nail place looking for new advertisement spots
  6. This place ain’t worth the effort anymore
  7. i won't repeat either, average massage wants to big a tip and haggles for ever....pass
  8. these hippies play on peoples ideas of what a tantric massage is...not worth $200 let alone $40...stay with the places you know, you'll be happier
  9. ya at Stadacona...but i see your point I could have been clearer, lol
  10. Anyone here giving Handy’s ? Pm me if you can thanks
  11. Betty quit Sakura anybody know where she went to ?
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