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  1. How long should you wait for a reply? When is it good manners to say "ok goodbye" and move on?
  2. Is it broken or being worked on. Anyone know?
  3. Saw her. Awesome. She said she would be back in a couple weeks.
  4. Can anyone recommend a reliable agency in Toronto. I am planning a trip in the near future and don't know the town well. Thanks in advance.
  5. Second that. Very pretty and great skills.
  6. Saw Tiffany on my first visit to Angels spa, I've been to paradise spa several times; and she was great. An excellent massage an a lot of fun. Must see her again.
  7. I saw Betty the other day and she was awesome. Beautiful and very fit. She took her time and we had a lot of fun. Definite repeat.
  8. My first post so here goes. Saw Kelly today for 45 min session and all I can say is "In-#%@$!&-credible. Beautiful, fun , energetic and a body to make Venus jealous. I still havent stopped smiling.
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