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  1. Ahh yes, many opinions / views / observations etc. That is terrific !! The beauty of democracy. We have a voice. Joyful C, you're correct that no party has a platform item that allows professional and considerate protection to personal service providers, regardless of preference / orientation. I bet that changes as soon as they can figure out how to implement a more thorough form of taxation; think pot. In the meantime, I'll stick to my rant; I WANT TO BE REPRESENTED IN OTTAWA, IAM FED UP WITH HAVING OTTAWA REPRESENTED TO ME. But I will vote ! Too many gave their lives for us to have this opportunity. I will exercise my franchise.
  2. I am FED UP !! with having Ottawa represented to me. I want to be represented in Ottawa, by my elected representative, on the issues that are relevant and important to me and my fellow constituents. It's that simple. Why can't we increase our payroll CPP contributions? But we can increase our Income Tax payroll deductions ? Hmmmm. How many times has the EI , or CPP , general fund been plundered because some 'Leader' decided it was overfunded. Ummm, and where did the funds go ?? I've paid into those for my whole working life. Excesses funding of a pension plan (contradiction of terms) must be returned to the members paying into it. NOT TO THE ADMINISTRATOR'S POCKETS !! Is it 20yrs now?, but Jack Layton was the last federal leader to demand that regionally elected representatives vote the party line or be expelled. That was when he lost my vote. I will vote for a federal party that allows it's elected members to actually represent the constituency THEY SERVE !!!! Other than that they're all just a bunch of self serving thieving racoons. I will vote ! And it won't be a spoiled ballot. I don't want hard blue and I don't want hard red. There are nasty consequences from both. Understand and remember the history. The future is questionable. Are politicians here for you ? Maybe at the grass roots. But by the time they get tp the federal leadership stage they're all twisted. Choose your poison carefully.
  3. I prefer my hair short (what's left of it), but I'm not sure about right down to the bark. These days I look a bit like a mad scientist since I'm waiting for a hair cutter to open up, just like many of us. But I have acquaintances that do it, and you might be surprised about how much attention and effort it requires. What you think you save on shampoo you spend on razors, not to mention sunscreen. As for image, confidence and intelligence trump hair every time. And the boob offset is NEVER wrong. Just sayin'.
  4. I've been looking also. Disappointing when it's possible to play golf now and can't get to see a barber or hairdresser. Last weekend it finally became possible to buy socks. The economic disaster that's been created hasn't been fully measured yet. The skilled people (OH YES THEY ARE !!) that cut our hair will be overwhelmed when they do open. Let's get on with it !!!!!!
  5. Thanks for your perspective GT. You always have one. It's wasn't a warning. Although you're free to see it that way. It was intended as a discussion point. And in an oblique kind of way you helped me to understand the circumstance better. In any event still not for me.
  6. P.S. Just noticed that the same page is up in Timmins, Ottawa, Hamilton and Chatham. What am I missing ?
  7. An interesting coincidence ? Likely not. A 'classy berlin beauty' on LL managed to post in Thunder Bay and Orillia this morning within 9min. For sure she moves much too fast for my preference. Also, have noticed recently at least one post in TBay with the same title, physical description etc. etc., and 2 VERY different sets of photos. These SP are their own worst enemy because they will be found out and marginalized. Also, they make it that much harder for honest posts. Let's do our homework.
  8. It occurs to me that the individual that was 'ripped off' would be better suited to comment on that occurrence. Otherwise this discussion line turns into gossip. Anyone that has not been treated fairly, openly, and professionally will certainly reach harsh conclusions about any provider, on any forum. I believe the rest of us want to know about those events for our own protection and satisfaction. However, my preference would be the first person singular. That said, I want to have confidence that BBWJulie27 had facts to share since it was an invitation for PM's, albeit prefaced with a hard accusation.
  9. Ok kids. Gotta put my 2 cents in on this. Too many choices to select ONE. So, noticing that some other subscribers have popped back in for 2nd , 3rd, and 4th selections, I'll offer my first. Roy Orbison ' Pretty Woman'. I think that ALL! women are pretty, just some more than others, and without a doubt my preference has narrowed significantly since adolescence.
  10. I'm with 'Green Teal' on this. If we're going to have a wish list then expand it to fantasy options. Let's face it, we can't be sure that any of the options being listed are even available. So on my fantasy list is; Barbara Eden (I Dream of Genie) and now you know how old I am, Erika Eleniak (spelling), and my third grade primary teacher Miss B. Dammit she wore miniskirts before I got the picture.
  11. I agree with S.K. There are some, but not many consultants in Thunder Bay. At least from the perspective of quality, presentation and grace. Unfortunately some of the parallel posting sites have been over run with 'lemmings' that claim to be from the TBay area but are actually not. Many of the posts direct the reader to another site where they are recruiting membership with no identifiable benefit, while other posts are from very far away. Still others are phishing. Often their English language skills give them away as foreigners. But I'm sure they would all tell you that 'THERE IS NO COLLUSION'.
  12. Would be happy to share that info in a PM, if I knew how to do that. I'm about as rookie here as it gets and still sorting out the details of the site. In the meantime I'll put more effort into my selection process. I will give every consultant the benefit of the doubt that this was an aberration of the long weekend. But I'm reminded of the old phrase; Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. For many reasons, it's my responsibility to select carefully.
  13. Disappointing long weekend, so far. Spoke with 2 consultants and made schedules with each on consecutive days. Neither of them showed up, and on top of that didn't even have the courtesy to inform of a change in their plans. I understand when a consultant doesn't return a contact. But to have the conversation (not just text exchange) and set an appointment, only to be 'stood up'...…………..that's aggravating. Oh well, one more day to try again.
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