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  1. People of Thunder Bay. If an Adult Entertainer starts offering you sexual service in exchange for money stop it. I have seen to many sex trafficking people. If they are not a verified Adult Entertainer stop supporting the pimps/managers. Get smart and ask for verification. In the Toronto/GTA area these ladies can get a Entertainers License with there stage name and can be used to verified through police services and CRA. If they don't have that then you are taking the chance of meeting someone who is being forced. If it become part of a bust and it is found out that the people are being forced you are part of the problem. I have no fear facing someone who is being forced to do something they do not want to do. I will call local Law enforcement and give them my full Identity if it helps save someone for the shit of human trafficking. Always do your own research to verify. If something seems off then don't be afraid to call the police and take responsibility. You may save someones life, mother, daughter. Don't be the reason someone didn't come home.
  2. Thunder Bay Leo Links are 70% catfish. I have walked into some interesting situations. Don't be afraid to call the cops. Take the hint if the picture seems set up and you request an unfiltered clean pic and it comes. Chance are its her pimp
  3. Yes a lot of them are fake. If you want to reply make yourself a secondary email account to use to contact them and then go from there. It being Thunder Bay I have noticed way to many drug users and dangerous situations. If you can not verify who they are I would diffidently pass.
  4. Pretty sure it’s another fake. I have talked with who ever is on the number. When it came down to actually going on a date she/he flaked. Same pictures are on a few ads on Leo’s the number was different. If you want a sure thing get ahold of Sugar she’s on here. Otherwise you are probably not gonna find what you’re looking for.
  5. You have a wonderful opinion. To bad you feel you have to always be corrected. My post is only a warning to be careful about what recommendations are made. If you take someone’s recommendation (for example yours) and it was incorrect I would do what I could to let you know what happened and wait for a reply. Now if you disappear and I’m unable to find the post or poster I’m going to to label it as a scam and allow people to make there own decisions on what they want to do. Yea I know you’re gonna correct this post and put in your opinion.
  6. I was supposed to see her when she was here in July. I went to the location and I noticed something unusual. With all that has been happening in Thunder Bay I’ve just thought if the lady is staying in the more shady areas then she’s not worth the risk.
  7. I can understand these issues. Thunder Bay providers complain about time waster. Some of the providers are living in very controversial neighbourhoods and expect people to show up in a area that has had multiple drug busts, assaults, attempt murders, Over Doses and just plain trouble. The gifts aren’t the issue it’s the areas. They want high end gifts and then tell the person you live near Mackenzie and Dease or Cummings or Finlayson or Bethune or Cameron. Or your in Limbrick or Windsor areas. Of course I’m not going anywhere near that area. Idk maybe I’ve been living in Southern Ontario for way to long and I am just used to going to nice hotels. As person I also want to feel comfortable. I don’t want to park my truck and come back and the headlights are shot out or the all the windows are smashed. I’m gonna have to file a report with the insurance company and they’re gonna ask you to file with the police. The police are going to ask you why and where you where. What does someone say who want to be discreet. Truthfully if it’s not at a more reasonable location (hotel) and safe area. I am going to tell you right away I’m not going to show up.
  8. IDK where you got your information from. If you look at my post there is no mention of someone’s name and I posted the entire phone number. It’s me saying that someone on Lyla posted the number and reco it. Basically even a recommendation can lead to a scammer. That’s it no people names or handles or anything else you assumed.
  9. I never mentioned a name I posted a picture of the text and the reply. I am not confusing who ever you think it is. As you can see the phone number is posted. I do not know who those people you mentioned are.
  10. It must’ve of been deleted. I know I couldn’t find it again. I’m not here enough to actually remember what is where.
  11. Ok people. I understand all your concerns about doing reverse searches and all your replies about if you did this or you did that. Bottom Line is Someone Posted a recommendation and because it was on Lyla someone might of actually sent the money because of the recommendation. It was almost a week before I was able to actually text. So no I don’t know who the person was and I couldn’t find the topic. All I am saying to you people here in Thunder Bay is don’t send money unless 1. She is your regular lady. 2. You have seen her many time. 3. You have an arrangement already in place.
  12. 647-738-2700 Scammers they were recently recommended by someone on here I contacted them and right up front they asked for the deposit Watch out for the people on here who give recommendations. They are phishing for people to scam. I can not find the original ad/post on here. Please verify any recommendations before going forward or sending money. They are going to change the ad and number but here is a photo of them asking for email transfer upfront
  13. It has been a long while since I met with a lady who is actually a local Thunder Bay person. There was one lady she went with the name Ashly Energy and I seen her at the Centrefolds. She is click bate and if you don’t know what that actually is then truthfully just stay away. Is there any local ladies or has it gone to only traveler?
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