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  1. There is a Samantha that put up an ad on Leolist today - phone number ending in 0319
  2. Age 52 and in a smaller isolated city in Canada. Not that much experience in seeing providers but some of the same principles could carry over from those I get massage from (legit massage - unfortunately no massage parlors in my city) or exotic dancers that give lap dances. While my historical "go to" for being attracted to women is "short and stacked" leaning toward or is a BBW type, when I visit my only local strip bar the dancer than I most want to see when she comes into town is slim and tall and bit older than the average. When she gives a lap dance it is a sensual experience with her running her fingers down your back and slowing doing a light grinding and sometime just giving a nice long hug along with the dances. Unlike some dancers she is always touching you with her body in some way during pretty well the entirety of the dances. The average dancer that does lap dances and comes to my city isn't that impressive - you either get someone who treats most of the dance like a table dance and is a distance away from you for much of the dance, or once in a while someone that seems to want to grind your meat into hamburger. If I were to find a semi regular service provider that was in my price range (I'm certainly no high roller) and availability I'd be looking for someone that gave more of the GFE I've heard about - but seems rare and elusive in my area. Conversation, looks, piv sex, are all secondary or tertiary to me. I'd like someone that would kiss and make out for a while, along with ending things with a blowjob or piv sex. Someone who teases to please and isn't trying to get me off very quickly. She could be young or on her way to collecting old age pension, bbw or a "spinner", dressed up or not (prefer her to be clean and her place not a disaster area). While it is not important, I'd rather she said little or just some casual conversation than trying to hard to give me unconvincing lines on how attractive I am, big my penis is, how fascinating some aspect of life is or anything else along those lines.
  3. Has anyone seen Sarah before? "kinky university student available downtown ..." Leolist (9716) https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/northern-ontario/thunder_bay_kinky_university_student_available_downtown_24_7_in_or_out-6162614
  4. Would also appreciate a PM with any details.
  5. Anyone every see Mocha? In Leolist, in both the female escort and female massage categories. Any information would be appreciated
  6. any info on her? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/northern-ontario/thunder_bay_bbw_for_your_pleasure-4264694
  7. Agree, don't need to justify anything you posted in this thread. Everything was clear or made clear in your posts for anyone living in Thunder Bay. For the ignorant out-of-towner who crankily responded more than once without anything helpful or useful, here's a quote for you: Slovotsky's Law # 3 - " When you know not whereof you speak, your mouth is best used for chewing"
  8. Has anyone seen BBW Julie on Leolist? advertises in both the Female Escorts & Female Massage sections (no pictures). phone number ends is 0411
  9. Between her English and hand signals was more than enough to get by. Overall a good experience; a little bit rushed.
  10. Had it happen in the latter part of October. Booked a half hour appointment earlier in the day. Got the general area of where she was and was given a time in the evening and was told to call back something like a half hour to hour before the appointment to get her full address. Called back at that time and she said she was all booked for the night. Was from a provider who is generally rated highly here. Was a one time occurrence.
  11. Had it happen in later October. Booked in advance a half hour appointment and got a general area of where she was and was told to call back I think about a half hour or hour before the appointment to get her full address. Got in the area and phoned again and she said she was fully booked for the evening. Was a one time occurrence with a provider who is generally very highly rated here.
  12. seems to have been on a downward spiral locally for quite a while. where have so many gone? another site? some stupid smartphone app? (don't have or want one) doesn't seem to be the other ones often referred to here (cl, cj, bp). anyone with any insight, message me.
  13. Can anyone recommend any local GFE providers?
  14. Could someone PM the address of the MP on Algoma (and rates if you have been there). Thanks to any that reply.
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