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  1. All is up and running and I have received payments
  2. Please do not subscribe to my fan page until further notice. The people that run the website refuse to pay me what I'm owed and won't return my emails.
  3. I will be available to New Clients Friday June 12th 9am to 6pm, Saturday June 13th 9am to 6pm and Sunday June 14th 9am to 2pm. Regular clients can book during these hours as well as Monday June 8th to Thursday June 11th 9am to 11am. I will be booking 1 HR Appts only and only 1 per day so PREBOOK!!!! Space is limited. Also check out my "Contactless" Options on my Fan Page
  4. Post a pic of your Celebrity Crush whom you would like to spend a day in bed with... Mine is Tim McGraw
  5. It's likely going to depend on how comfortable each individual is seeing clients. I personally am not ready but that could change as everyday new information comes out from public health
  6. You can find my Twitter by clicking the link in my Signature @TiffanyLynne80
  7. For those who didn't want to leave paper trail, there are always pre-paid Credit Cards at Walmart you could pay cash for. Reason I know is some clients of mine have done this
  8. With my Limited Availability due to COVID 19 I decided to dig out my hard drive along with some newer Naughty Content and Start a Membership Site. You can also Pre-book Skype Sessions (confirm my availability prior to purchase please) Purchase individual vids, Lifetime Snapchat or simply send me a tip. I also have loads of free content on my timeline. Visit me on my FAN PAGE 😘
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