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  1. Barefax, Playmate, Pigale, Bar 77, NuDen for sure.
  2. I need to echo all the great things that have been said ! I had the pleasure to meet Allie virtually and it was a lovely experience. She was easy to talk to with , calming any nervousness I had. She was also not in a rush for anything and truly enjoys her work and getting to know new people. The sexy parts of our virtual encounter were amazing and she left me very satisfied! I can’t wait for travel to be open fully and meet her in person. I highly recommend anyone to Allie. She’s a friendly woman and has the body of a 20 something , and a personality that cannot be beat ! Thank you Allie ! ❤️🙏🏼
  3. Yea, doesnt look too good. Buyer beware.
  4. Its good to see some active members commenting on a thread from St. John's A great book to check out about the city and this industry is "Rock, Paper, Sex - the oldest profession in Canada's Oldest City" by Kerri Cull. Great stories and perspectives from all parties involved. Keep it active! Checking out the Red Room soon. Had enough of the 2 Strip clubs in town for a while. They are great if you like strip clubs. PM if you have any questions
  5. Sounds like I remember them both since the last time I lived in town. Are the massage places worth a visit ?
  6. Hey everyone ! Moving back to St John's from being away since 20009. Wondering if anyone on the board here visits the two strip clubs regularaly. I'd love to hear some pros or cons to each club. Can also send me a PM :) Any reccos ? Advice ? Still just the two clubs since Crazy Hourse (I think it was called ) closed? Talks everyone :) -John
  7. Hey community :) Has anyone seen these ladies ? Looking for any info. If you know of another thread please point me in that direction! Thanks all. Link: http://ottawa.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/alycia-duo-w-ashley-squ-rt-bomshells-in-town-%EF%B8%8F/42178274
  8. I saw Addictive barbie last week and it was a great experience. Be sure to reat her well and she will treat you well. Very kind, easy going and looks better in person :) Thanks for spending time with me Barbie, See you again soon! J
  9. Has anyone see this lady yet ? She's been advertising for a while. http://halifax.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/well-reviewed-brand-new-petite-and-beautiful-gina604-318-3465first-time-in-town/2484967
  10. Any news on her guys ? Anyone see her ? Additional Comments: Any news on her guys ? Anyone see her ?
  11. Still no one? She has new ads up today on BP
  12. Hey everyone , Has anyone saw Mariah yet ? She has a great ad on BP http://halifax.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/prfet-bd-r-drem-m-tre-batiful-f/2319036 If I missed another thread on her point me in that direction. Notice this is a different lady than Maria. Thanks a lot J
  13. Hey everyone I haven't seen any new posts here lately for the island. Anyone know which SP's are in Ch'tow. This weekend ? Thanks a bunch J
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