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  1. Haven't seen Allie for a bit but was able to connect this evening and got to say she is as awesome as always..fit ,toned slim body beautiful face and as attentive as ever. I am going to try and not wait so long between vits next time.
  2. Can't seem to find any red flags just curious if any one else has seen her? Sexy, sweet&real Sasha in Fredericton
  3. Seen her last night 100% worth the visit I see her every time she is here.
  4. Got to spend some time with this beautiful sexy little spinner she is a dream to be with so go see her and treat her good so she keeps coming back.
  5. Absolute stunner ,friendly, sexy can't say enough good things would definitely see again.
  6. Got to meet Samantha today and what a great experience she is very down to earth and make you feel very comfortable right at the beginning of the appointment will definitely visit again she is 100% professional and safe. (...won't go into detail so please don't asks thanks)
  7. She is not an alien lol ...however she is a very sexy young woman.
  8. Sorry my opening line was supposed to say "came across another SP. In Fredericton" not a new species .
  9. Came across a new species in Fredericton today took a shot and was not disappointed what a gorgeous, smart,easy to talk to young woman .makes you feel comfortable right away can't say enough good things about her .service was beyond top notch..won't go into details but most definitely will be going back as many times as possible lol..you can find all info you need on Twitter her handle is @laurenlulaurenluxe she 100% real and safe no worries at all.
  10. Jist wondering if anyone has seen Baby in Fredericton she is on vipfavours
  11. Couldn't agree more with all the comments ,she is a true diamond I have seen her many,many times and it always seems to get better can't wait till the next one and have a feeling it will be soon😎
  12. I tried once for shits and giggles and got some weird ass robotic response......turned out to be a scam
  13. Well I had a small fantasy fulfilled the other night by the impeccable Jaymie & Jenna Mae,these lady's are perfection alone but together out of this world they work very well together and transfer from one to the other seamlessly it was pure bliss I am thankfull I have a strong heart just wish I had a bigger bank account.
  14. 100%real very sexy well worth it great service bit I will not go into detail cause everyone is different thanks.
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