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  1. Already posted about my experience with Ashley in the other forum, definitely agree with everyone here.
  2. Had the pleasure of meeting with Ashley recently. Pics are 100% accurate, she has an excellent body and a pretty face as well. She responded to all of my messages extremely quickly which I really appreciated, there's nothing worse than having to wait hours for a reply that might not ever come. Would definitely recommend her and I am looking forward to seeing her again.
  3. I've met both Olivia and Sara, both of them are very professional and give a great massage.
  4. I think she's gone now, the ad said she was visiting for the week if I remember correctly. I also fell for this one and I'll add for future reference that the last four digits of her number were 6819.
  5. Can anyone verify that the current advertisement with the number ending in 4994 is her? I'm a little skeptical given how many times the number has apparently changed
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