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  1. Yep exactly, it's a convoluted strategy to make it somewhat safer for providers while still keeping it illegal for some reason. As you pointed out this creates an opening for the providers to scam people with little concern for consequences. Obviously most of the scams aren't even from legit providers but you get what I mean. Like most government policies this wasn't thought through well at all, isn't even being enforced properly (no effort to crack down on buyers) and was probably more about having an excuse to spend money on "resources" and "education" than actually change the situation.
  2. It's called the nordic model, and you are right to be confused because it makes zero sense. The theory is that suppliers are all victims and therefore it's wrong to criminalize them, so instead they exclusively target the demand side. If they take away all the demand, then it's no longer profitable to be a provider. They also provide "resources" to help providers leave the industry and "awareness and education campaigns for the public". I don't know what the hell that means beyond tax payer money giving some government consultant a cushy six-figure job. So that's the theory, but in practice it would be quite the undertaking to limit the demand to that extent. Based on what's been discussed in this thread it's clear they aren't even attempting to do this. Obviously if your goal is to end the industry you need to target both supply and demand (aggressively), and if you don't want to end the industry you should legalize both supply and demand (while probably adding some kind of regulations).
  3. The reviews she posted pics of are real and the number matches, I think she is real.
  4. In other countries where both sides of the transaction are illegal that happens, but here It's legal for escorts to sell services so there's not really a way for the cops to leverage them. I suppose its possible if they were caught on some unrelated charge but that seems like a stretch. As has been mentioned there's virtually no history of stings around here, you should be far more concerned about being scammed/robbed by a provider than being caught up a sting.
  5. She's been posting on leolist maybe 1 or 2 days a week, need to be lucky to catch her when she's working.
  6. Watch out: Link connects to her current ad it's definitely her.
  7. A few people here: https://www.lyla.ch/topic/207967-kc-ll-5622/
  8. It's incredibly easy to blend in a hotel, you're far more likely to run into issues in a small apartment building or a house in a single family neighborhood. So long as you don't act like a moron and attract a lot of attention to yourself there's nothing to worry about.
  9. I'd wait until someone who has been here for a while leaves some feedback...
  10. She is advertising in 2 cities at once.
  11. 6 feet tall and 44 pounds? Lmao
  12. I have never once seen a local Asian provider who wasn't a total bait and switch. I don't even bother anymore it's just a waste of time imo. It's not just the pictures either they regularly lie about the services offered as well. Best to wait for a traveling provider with good reviews if you insist on seeing an Asian girl. Looks like there's one in a few weeks. I'm pretty sure she has multiple ads with completely different pictures on each, I know for a fact she did that last time she was here. None of the pics are of her.
  13. I've been cancelled on too many times, yes even by "reputable" providers I've seen before, to ever be willing to pay in advance. The no-show problem goes in both directions. It sucks for everyone involved but that's just the way people are I guess. Yes, but these agencies actually act in a professional manner. If I book with them, I can be confident I will actually be getting the appointment, and if something goes wrong I will get a timely response addressing the problem. There is no recourse to follow when you get ghosted by an independent provider you gave a deposit to, aside from going on a forum like this and turning it into a game of he-said she-said.
  14. Any bets on which of our wonderful local providers this is? Lmao. Here's some free advice for next time: make your sock puppet account now and build up your post count so you are at least somewhat credible when you try to sabotage the rare good option we get in this city. Hopefully they don't get a recommendation from someone who's been on here for 13 years first and maybe it'll work.
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