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  1. I need therapy. But after staring for a while (need therapy for that too) I see the happy people
  2. Hi! Would have website or other reference? Thanks
  3. Good find but not her. I realize my hints were very limited so thank you for your help
  4. Hi all. This thread is quiet. Hopefully, someone reads this. I have a strange request: I have short term memory issues following a motorcycle accident. I saw an Ottawa sp profile that I cannot retrieve. I forgot minutes after looking! don’t even know on what platform I found her! I don’t believe she’s onLyla but who knows. What I do remember is that. she mentioned she dealt with men with trauma. I think that she is located near center town Ottawa, if map was accurate, I remember near Elgin and possibly McLeod- Glad. I believe age 37, blonde? Hope I’m not mixing up details! thanks for your help, I realize hints are limited if not confused!
  5. Dont laugh , I did that once (note: once) well, did not dunk. Whatever got my balls burning, hot for 2 days. Needless to say, I stayed “quiet “ for a few days. Lol (now)
  6. But in case she does: thank you for your efforts and time.
  7. Actually, forget about paper: Install a bidet
  8. So, Of course I have to focus on the least sexual part of this ... the vagina is internal, how can you tell the most beautiful? The vulva however (mentioned elsewhere in the ad), but by what standards? Note that all of this to sell stuff...
  9. Although I liked it for a long time, I Obsess more with this cover song, especially since I stopped my antidepressant. No worries don’t call the cops, no risk of suicide.
  10. Well, insanity is apparently doing the same thing while expecting different results.... I did and it worked. 😐
  11. Don't understand with The YouTube links don't work: Take 2
  12. Internet search.... I can't remember what "keywords" I was searching, definitely not Lyla, probably looking for ladies in Ottawa.
  13. Black Friday (week-end?) ! I saved hundreds of dollars today! On what deals? The deals i didn't take. Because i didn't buy anything on black Friday!
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