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  1. amazing outfit, except were your hands are😘
  2. I agree, real sexy curves! Fond memories
  3. I was fortunate recently too be able to sync our schedules and finally meet Sasha May in Ottawa. This took a long time, more issues on my end of getting to Ottawa when she was there and thought I’d have to wait till the New Year but my luck changed. I have been seeing the photo’s of Sasha that she has been posting for awhile and that’s what got my attention and made me curious. I was surprised and happy that I was able set up an appointment, the set up was very easy by texting. Sasha gave me the area she was in, when I found parking (this time very easy) I followed up with a text and she gave me direction. I’m always a little nervous when I arrive for an appointment that didn’t last long, the door open and OMG, I know this is a normal phrase but Sasha’s photos don’t do her justice believe me! She is very beautiful, her smile just melts you, and her amazing sexy body from her beautiful face to her feet is just waiting to be explored. Sasha is also an amazing kisser that makes you melt. I won’t go into any more details of our get together as that is between Sasha and me but it was amazing! We had a good conversation and relaxed towards the end of our time. Time does fly by fast. Overall the time spent with Sasha was incredible! I left with huge smile and thinking of our next get together in 2019. It can’t be said enough, please treat her well! Sasha May is a very special lady, thanks for the amazing time!
  4. rowdy


    amazing body!
  5. rowdy


    Very nice fishnets
  6. My apologies for not posting earlier, it’s been a busy summer. It’s been awhile since I was at the Brass Club and thought it was time for a drive to Ottawa and visit again. I have been noticing Cindy at the club so I kept my eye on her schedule and notice that she was going to be available on a day that was good for me to venture to Ottawa. I really enjoy getting massages especially nuru ones. Booking an appointment very easy by text the date, time and of course with Cindy. Parking downtown during the construction was a little challenging, went to the World exchange plaza. My appointment was for noon, I got to the place a few minutes early and shared ride up the elevator with a very beautiful blonde lady with a short mini skirt and tight top on, dressed very classy . I was met and welcomed by Jessica who showed me to the room and told me to enjoy! Now I have never seen Cindy other than her photo’s. The door opens up and WOW the same beautiful lady that I shared an elevator ride with came in. We quickly got acquitted, I showered, and the nuru massage started. The conversation between us was fantastic before, during and after. The massage was amazing, well worth the trip!! Cindy is an amazing lady, I should’ve treat her to lunch after our appointment.
  7. Very nice seductive look! Fishnets help
  8. rowdy

    completely breath taking!
  9. rowdy


    Very classy dress and you make it so sexy!
  10. rowdy

    20160402 201149

    Awesome Krissy!
  11. rowdy


    Excellent Rebecca!
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