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  1. marshman

    Byward Market

    Or you could try Alma - indy working in the market https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/ottawa_thursday_downtown_warm_up_n_get_naughty_w_a_hottie-4706187
  2. marshman

    Byward Market

    Try Alma https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/ottawa_thursday_downtown_warm_up_n_get_naughty_w_a_hottie-4706187
  3. marshman

    Scarlett on LL

    Did you even try searching images on tin eye? Fake pics = fake adv't. https://tineye.com/search/8ec4b336ac8327cb6b39e355cd6ecbcaa5f948ad/?extension_ver=chrome-1.3.0
  4. marshman

    Looking for info on Bunny

    Try photo search on tin eye or google image search - definitely fake. https://tineye.com/search/960341e2d87d0b3060cd372efc16efeaa2999535/?extension_ver=chrome-1.3.0
  5. marshman

    I need your help !

    I have fond memories of a wonderful afternoon spent in your arms, legs, etc. Happy for you that you are doing well !
  6. marshman

    Best Massage

    Why not try searching the phone # - if you do, you'll find a twitter account and that she advertizes elsewhere.
  7. marshman

    Liesel from LL

    Tin-eye had several hits on 1 of the pics - not a good sign.
  8. marshman

    Kitten • White

    I was very fortunate to meet the lovely Kitten the other day. We had been texting and sexting for a while, seeing if our wants, desires and general kinkiness were a match. Finally I was lucky that she could make some time after work to see me. She is in the process of moving so the location was not as tidy as she wanted - but the bedroom had everything that we needed and then some. Kitten is a very passionate, sensual woman who really loves enjoying her partner while she enjoys herself. We enjoyed a magnificent hour of fun and frolic, interspersed with a glass of wine, and I left thoroughly satiated. Kitten is not a clock watcher, she's a pleaser with some kink thrown in for those that have that yearn for something just a bit more exciting. I heartily recommend a visit to Kitten's den - and be prepared for some hot & heavy fun.
  9. I was wondering if there were any ladies out there that enjoy being submissive - not looking to be a rough BDSM dominant but more of a "50 shades" arrangement where edging, light spanking and blindfolds are part of the experience.
  10. marshman

    Has anyone seen Lorraina?

    I saw her about 2 years ago - PM if you want details.
  11. marshman

    Best compliment you ever got?

    A long time regular SP said once "No one can make me cum like that - absolutely no fucking ooooonnnnneee" . I think I blushed for the next week.
  12. marshman

    Natasha Couture

    Recently I had the pleasure to see Natasha in her private condo in Orleans. The basement room is nicely appointed with all the amenities - shower, massage table, baby oil, candles, robe. Natasha provided me with a first class massage - I opted for medium strength - and she was terrific working out a few kinks in a totally relaxing way. During the massage we discussed her other options including Nuru, edging and other erotic pleasures. Natasha is slim with beautiful soft almost translucent skin and amazing eyes. When she looks directly at you and discusses all of the options available it certainly gets a guy excited. Next time I think will opt for the Nuru+ !! Definitely a must see lady and very reasonable rates.
  13. marshman

    Looking for a pregnant SP in Ottawa

    I'd recommend Avah -she's amazing ! https://twitter.com/AvahSimonez