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  1. I hope ypur new year has been just as amazing as you are sir 😘

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    2. Kitten


      I am getting settled. Still in boxes a bit, but my kitchen was the first thing I out together of course!  Happy to hear your doing well. Gentlemen deserve to be happy <3


    3. marshman


      Good to hear that you're getting settled Kitten - I'm a little surprised that your bed wasn't the first thing that you got ready - based on our time together it's a wonderful, hot place to spend time!! BTW, I've been asked about you by a few others on CERB - you may see some new suitors come knocking.  I'm hoping to renew acquaintances (ie drop by and have my way with you) in the next little while - things are a bit hectic right now.  Keep my place warm !  Hugs & spanks.  Marsh xo

    4. Kitten


      The bed went down in place as soon as it arrived, but I needed time to regain my feng shui back. I always have a warm and wet place for you here kind sir and I appreicate your support and help incredibly.. Looking forward to hearing from them and thanking you properly when time is in your favour 💋

  2. marshman

    Best Massage

    Why not try searching the phone # - if you do, you'll find a twitter account and that she advertizes elsewhere.
  3. marshman

    Liesel from LL

    Tin-eye had several hits on 1 of the pics - not a good sign.
  4. I was wondering if there were any ladies out there that enjoy being submissive - not looking to be a rough BDSM dominant but more of a "50 shades" arrangement where edging, light spanking and blindfolds are part of the experience.
  5. Thanks for the follow :classic_smile:

    1. marshman


      You're welcome B !

  6. marshman

    Has anyone seen Lorraina?

    I saw her about 2 years ago - PM if you want details.
  7. marshman

    Best compliment you ever got?

    A long time regular SP said once "No one can make me cum like that - absolutely no fucking ooooonnnnneee" . I think I blushed for the next week.
  8. Hi N - nice to hear from you. I'm a 50+ reasonably fit guy that loves to please. Chemistry is really important for me - once you have a connection amazing things can happen ! What's your best attribute sweetie ?

  9. <br />

    Hello sweetie I am Natasha Couture Nice to meet you . I would like to know more about you . Don't be shy and send me a message<br />

  10. marshman

    Looking for a pregnant SP in Ottawa

    I'd recommend Avah -she's amazing ! https://twitter.com/AvahSimonez
  11. marshman

    Bay/Albert area

    I'd suggest that you try Kristen - here's her # and a link: http://ottawa.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/petite-vixen-kristen-new-613-209-3524/28907664
  12. marshman


    Agree with CERBFAN - good massage, very friendly, nice clean location, lots of visitor parking - seen her a few times and was not disappointed.
  13. marshman

    Beautiful Blonde Babe

    Checked her May adv't - the 1st picture had 5 Tin Eye hits. Also WIR found several stolen pics attributed to this "Amanda". I'm guessing that you're not going to find the same girl behind door #3 but hey, you can always try to make a deal.
  14. Hi Sweets :) Thanks for checking out my profile! Feel free to PM me anytime ;)