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  1. Then I wouldn’t imagine places like Executive Bath would open if customers have to provide info for contact tracing ..I sure wouldn’t
  2. I saw her a couple days ago ,she does much more than the other girls there ..her menu reminds me of Bridgewater
  3. There’s another larger ebony girl there think her name is Erica
  4. Joy is Ebony and gives a good massage
  5. I would agree I get more quality massage at ness with Linda and Rachel
  6. You’re in luck CC is advertising again
  7. So when would EB be eligible to reopen ?
  8. Linda at Ness has a room set up for that
  9. Linda at Sunhope ,Veronica at Bridgewater group ,Haillie at Executive Bath will all do this
  10. Sounds like Executive Bath is closed now ,sun hope is closed as well but say they’ll do VIP massages for some clients and they’ll wear a mask
  11. I texted today to see who was in she said Linda ,Tulip and Lily so they must not be the same person lol ..unless it’s fake advertising on her part
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