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  1. Hasn’t she been gone a long time now ?
  2. I know Linda and Joy at Sunhope will do this ,Joy at EB and Jennifer at Thompson Ave ..I am also curious if there’s any newer girls as well who do this …Alice at Fleet was very good but moved away
  3. She’s gone at the end of April
  4. Went today and a girl who used to work there years ago is back ,Leslie ..Fun session but tips are still very confusing here and a lot of upsells
  5. Yes I’ve had a lot of fun times over the years there ,Cal died and Leanne took over ..Haven’t been there as much but there’s a few current girls that are decent like Sky and Sabrina
  6. I have gone there for 20 years ,that one foot rule is ridiculous ..FS does go on here at a price ,I liked it before when the tips were kind of set lately it’s all over the place and I never know if I’m under tipping ..some girls ask for way too much so I have stayed away for a while ..Leanne at the front desk certainly isn’t the cheeriest of people but she has her moments
  7. I got warned today for my use of abbreviations ,doubt I’ll be on here much longer
  8. Talent isn’t great there these days besides Linda
  9. All along I haven’t really done much differently I am double vaxxed about to be triple and I’m not in fear of this at all ..It’s basically down to a mild flu at this point I’m ready to get on with life ..I think Canada is taking things a little too far with the fear mongering ,just my opinion
  10. No not black ,she’s got a Latino look like Salma Hayek ..Not even sure if she’s there at all now
  11. Sunhope is fine I just don’t see Yoyo ,Linda is always a good massage ..Amy at Thompson is very good
  12. Raya I am Not sure if she’s there much ,probably 30 area with Latino looks and long black hair ..Natalia has been there a while ,brunette shorter and cute body
  13. A few new girls here ,Natalia is back and one real attractive girl named Raya
  14. Ok I had no idea as it never stated anything specific really ,just that I had to agree to accept the warning 🙄
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