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  1. Apparently back at Ness today
  2. Any reviews on the new girl Apple at sunhope ness ?
  3. Yeah I only see Linda none of the other girls excite me too much
  4. I guess ,usually only the basics typically offered here although I heard Tulip would do more ..What did Ada offer ?
  5. I’ve never asked for a receipt as I might be questioned on it ..usually not many options at Sunhope so I’m not sure who you saw or what was offered ?
  6. Went and saw these girls tonight at their place on Stradbrook ..I walked in and they were drinking wine and playing music and having a good time .They said I was their first 4 hand experience since they went independent from the place on St Mary’s ..Lacey was fully nude and Lindsay was topless and considering the prices at EB and other independents 200 for the 45 minutes for a 4 hand experience was a decent deal ..Touching and licking up top was allowed and I had a good time with these girls ..Treat them well ,they’re a fun time and playful …;)..They post ads in the massage section on LL
  7. Yes I noticed a picture of Michelle in there which threw me for a loop
  8. Her ad still goes up every couple days surprised nobody has seen her yet 🤷‍♂️
  9. Hasn’t she been gone a long time now ?
  10. I know Linda and Joy at Sunhope will do this ,Joy at EB and Jennifer at Thompson Ave ..I am also curious if there’s any newer girls as well who do this …Alice at Fleet was very good but moved away
  11. She’s gone at the end of April
  12. Went today and a girl who used to work there years ago is back ,Leslie ..Fun session but tips are still very confusing here and a lot of upsells
  13. Yes I’ve had a lot of fun times over the years there ,Cal died and Leanne took over ..Haven’t been there as much but there’s a few current girls that are decent like Sky and Sabrina
  14. I have gone there for 20 years ,that one foot rule is ridiculous ..FS does go on here at a price ,I liked it before when the tips were kind of set lately it’s all over the place and I never know if I’m under tipping ..some girls ask for way too much so I have stayed away for a while ..Leanne at the front desk certainly isn’t the cheeriest of people but she has her moments
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