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  1. GRoberts

    Saint John

    Who did you visit?
  2. GRoberts

    Laura in SJ

    No word yet?
  3. GRoberts

    Laura in SJ

    Me too
  4. GRoberts

    Sarah in Fredericton?

    Don’t forget about Mariska, she is great. She is mature and really knows how to please a man.
  5. GRoberts

    Allie Zeon

    I don’t believe that she used to be Tia. I have seen her several times and posted a review last week. She is 100% a lady, go see for yourself. You won’t regret it, trust me.
  6. Meghan too😊👍
  7. Only heard good about Sophia and you Allie. You are both great in my books😃
  8. Can’t speak for Berlin Moss but the ladies that Sophia recommended are the real deal.
  9. GRoberts


    has anyone seen her lately
  10. GRoberts

    Brandy in Saint John

    Denotes was it in call?
  11. GRoberts

    Brandy in Saint John

    Did anyone see her?
  12. GRoberts

    last night in freddy

    Mariska at Spa 199 you can’t go wrong with her.
  13. GRoberts

    Brandy in Saint John

    Did anyone ever spend some time with her?
  14. GRoberts

    Brandy in Saint John

    I agree with Tiffany there are so many scams out there. I never etranser money unless I know the lady well. i hope that you didn’t loose too much money.