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  1. The last time that I seen her, she was 2 hours after our appointment texting me. We did meet and the service was good but she seemed really distracted. Her in call was very smoky smelling as well. I won’t repeat unless she is at a hotel.
  2. I’m using an iPhone, same issue
  3. You can see all NB cities except Moncton it’s still happening to me today.
  4. Looks like a younger lady from Fredericton??
  5. If you haven’t seen all of the above mentioned SP, this isn’t a fair statement in my opinion. I have met with so many wonderful ladies that have given awesome service. While I have only seen one of the ladies mentioned in this post, I agree that the service was great but many others are on par and deserve mention and respect. I have given several recommendations and you can’t go wrong with any of these ladies. The ladies mentioned are always available here so guys, give them all a chance and come to your own conclusion.
  6. I believe that Emily Rushton is and she is visiting NB now or soon.
  7. It can’t be just us Hailey, I wonder what’s going on?
  8. Anybody else having issues viewing the Moncton listings? I can search for and get each city individually but when I try New Brunswick escorts or Moncton escorts and click on the link either nothing happens or I get a blank LeoList page.
  9. Absolutely one of the best in every way. There is no way that you will regret seeing Allie. She is a gem and so much fun to be with.
  10. Whoever posts those fake ads have to pay for them, they must get enough people falling for them and sending money to make it worth their while. They are easy to spot especially if they want a deposit to book and the area code are way out there. Buyer be ware guys!! I only gave a deposit once to get a special rate to pre book with Victoria Jolie several years ago. I had seen her many times and I trusted her. It was legit. Don’t get sucked in if it looks TGTBT, do your research 😆
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