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  1. they also put clients in danger. Time to full legalize and regulate. Its ⏲
  2. Purple photo is for sure no the same girl..... Very sketch ad as a client that's a big no go on that ad. No effort into the ad at all and 3 suspect photos.Move on friend.
  3. Rephrase. I do not purchase time with unverified SP's. Was not harm intended in the post. I see no reason for active SP's to not be verified. Are there scams? Of course. We all need to do our best to expose those scams, however, verification is one step of many. Not the perfect system by a long shot, but a step.
  4. If your verified this removes a huge portion of these very issues. Not everyone is a Lyla member...Being verified is helpful for us clients you SP's and really does take away alot from the scammers on LL. I cannot understand a SP not wanting to become verified.... Yes us gentelmen will stay safe and being verified will reduce the chances of us not staying safe. Follow suit. Get verified. 🙄
  5. There are SP's back on Kijiji again? May need to have a look if everything looks legit
  6. Hello everyone. As a longtime hobbyist but relatively new poster here I'm keen o find out everyone's opinion on the add-ons SP use on Leo. Such as the VIP badge or the Available badge or any of the other themed badges. Do you think it has helped you make a appointment or does it scare you away by looking desperate? I believe this may also help SP's with there advertising budget. My opinion is the Available badge has caught my eye on later nights or on days when the girls are reposting themselves alot. I mostly just look for verified premium SP's in the $200 - $400 Hour range depending on area as a hobbyist. Would love for other hobbyist to chime in on this. As a marketing person I have been wondering if these premium features have helped or not. Tesla
  7. $120/H and not verified. Red flag from me. Wouldn't see her. I'd look elsewhere. Not worth a chance of any issues.
  8. Such disrespect. Can’t understand the mindset of someone who does these types of acts.
  9. True squirting is indeed very sexy. When it’s faked with urine it’s not nearly as for me.
  10. This would be great even as a piece of art. Your photographer did a great job framing these.
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