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  1. I’ve saw her multiple times over the years, the last being prob 3 years ago. Good skills, cool chick. Never had a bad experience but if she’s busy she won’t respond to you, just get back to her later and she’ll respond.
  2. Went today, indeed she was taking a little break. Good time was had as usual.
  3. Never met her, she does look cute for sure but the photo with the middle finger up is a weird choice haha.
  4. Anyone else unsuccessfully try to get a hold of Lily lately? Sent her a message this morning but it came back saying it couldn’t be delivered!
  5. Yea I’ve saw her twice a while back she’s a very attractive young lady.
  6. Thank you, so should I leave double the amount? Or just 60 extra? Or what?
  7. Curious if when you arrive you pay right away? And if so do you include the extra then as well?
  8. What is party faves? I always assumed it referred to a certain consumable but I see it on so many ads now that I’m not so sure anymore.
  9. Pretty sure I talked to her for a bit on a sugar baby site. She looks young.
  10. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_dartmouth-7112788?source=list Curious if anyone here has visited with Tessa and if so how the experience was. Thanks.
  11. Wondering if any members have visited with Tessa, who posts on LL advertising a Dartmouth incall. I subbed to her onlyfans to get a feel for what she looks like and it’s definitely the same girl as on LL. Only thing that has me apprehensive is that she posts content on her OF of her and a guy. Don’t really want to get to her incall and find out she has a live in boyfriend. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_stuff_my_kitty_stroke_my_throat-7112788?source=list Thanks!
  12. It’s funny because everything Jane said is supposed to make a person feel safe but more often than not you wanna go somewhere no one knows you’re comings and going’s… if even for for a weekend..
  13. I’ve seen her, the pics are 100% accurate. PM if you want.
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