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  1. I saw Sarah Grey a year and a half or so. It was fine, I would repeat. I just might soon actually. She has a very beautiful body.
  2. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/beware-extortion-scam-involving-disturbing-images-halifax-1.6778470
  3. 1st yes, 2nd booked for August.
  4. @SarahAlexxx is so enjoyable to read on Twitter. The witty posts, hot pictures, sexy attitude are seemingly the whole package.
  5. I have a few but an ongoing fetish/kink for Gloryholes and random fucking. When I could go to swingers clubs I could live this out. And I used to have more luck finding this when I lived out west than in the HRM but opportunities do arise from time to time.
  6. I’d be interested.
  7. Saw Sara today. She is the real deal. Had a fun time and the comments above I agree with.
  8. Jasmine will be back on Monday. I’m thinking about a duo with these two.
  9. Saw her again today too. She is fun.
  10. I saw them both. Very good times were had.
  11. You are absolutely correct. Blockchain could be the most significant invention since the internet. It has the possibility to disrupt many brick and mortar industries.
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