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  1. hereforagoodtime

    Hush / aura / red room?

    Sasha is indeed amazing. In my opinion, the best local service provider, by far. The best ass you'll ever see!
  2. hereforagoodtime

    Breast Friends

    Now that is a perfect pair!
  3. hereforagoodtime

    Anyone seen Anna !

    I’d say that is 100% not the girl in the add.
  4. hereforagoodtime

    Lorena French

    I saw her 2-3 years ago and she was very friendly and accommodating.
  5. hereforagoodtime

    Riley James

    Why anybody would send an e-transfer is beyond me. When in doubt use common sense!!!!
  6. hereforagoodtime

    Local hobby good or dead?

    There are not enough reputable lyla ladies visiting frequently. 3-4 years ago there was a steady flow of visiting sp's. That doesn't seem to be the case anymore.
  7. hereforagoodtime

    Laurie French

    I saw Laurie and she was great. If you like a tight, toned, firm body, she's the one to see.
  8. hereforagoodtime

    5* Kelly Baby

    Has anybody seen this lady? She looks too go to be true. Her add is on BP
  9. hereforagoodtime

    A Perfect Escape from BP

    She is the real deal. A great girl and an excellent experience.
  10. hereforagoodtime

    tiffany st clair

    I had the pleasure of meeting her. And she was outstanding! If you like her pics you'll like her even more in person. Very sweet girl.
  11. hereforagoodtime

    Independent SP's

    I should have stated that the agencies to whom I was referencing were from away. I can't speak to local agencies as I have never seen any of their ladies.
  12. hereforagoodtime

    Independent SP's

    I have seen many agency girls over the years. Some of the best experiences I have had. I have never gotten the impression they were supporting a habit. Think you're probably off base on this.
  13. hereforagoodtime

    dx2014 04

    Those boobs look great!!!!! :)
  14. hereforagoodtime

    You have a body to die for :)
  15. hereforagoodtime

    BHS Aug14 00074

    Now that is a sexy lady!