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  1. Jewel is amazing. Older than she’s listed as but gives insane service. My fave is Nikki by a landslide. Shoot me a message if you want more info.
  2. Stephanie is pure magic. Such a breathtaking women. When you meet her, she treats you like the girlfriend you haven’t seen in months, as if you were away for a long time at work/school, and all she wants to do is celebrate every inch of your body. Highly recommended.
  3. Yeah it’s clean. My fav is Nikki. Sasha is supposedly amazing as well. Good luck.
  4. Duuuude, you have an incredible girl in this thread answering you, who is a very special girl. I highly recommend Savannah Sol. Absolutely gorgeous and such a sweet women.
  5. Do you know if she’s still providing? She is easily one of the best girls I’ve seen. Would love to see her again.
  6. I texted her a few months back and she never responded. She’s either retired or has been on a bit of a break.
  7. She doesn’t provide services she claims she does and kicked me out before our date was over because she booked her next John immediately after mine (you lose time because of a shower). Total bummer. She was nice and all but I think it’s unacceptable to do that.
  8. She is, but she’s super strange and gives a terrible bj.
  9. Cotton Club is a strip club so you may get lucky there with someone I suppose. Hush/The Red Room is the only legit spot really. They just added a new spot today called The Studio. Visit their site for rates and who will be on schedule. https://nlhush.com/ I’d highly recommend Nikki. Brandy is pretty good too. I haven’t scene anyone else but heard Ashlyn is awesome, as well as Paige.
  10. Yes, please come here. You look very beauty and I’m interested in getting to know you. Do you happen to have a Twitter account? Thanks and have a good one.
  11. I haven’t seen her but people in the past has said that the pics are not actually her but she’s really hot and is good. She posts two different ads as well. She’s also Julie.
  12. Yep, Nadia is relentless. Only downfall is cbj only.
  13. Hush/RR are great. They offer fs as well. Not sure about the other one u listed but u don’t seem picky. I do recommend Nikki at Hush though. Good luck.
  14. Glad to have helped. Let us know if you meet up with anyone else.
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