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  1. northerntantra


    Finally found a day and time that will work, and I have pre-booked! See you soon!
  2. northerntantra


    Will do, once I can find a time to get out to Vibe's end of town from my usual location and have time for a session too! Pretty busy these days, and Vibe's far enough away that it takes a chunk of my day for a visit. But hopefully I'll find an opportunity soon! I'd love to see one of those sexy new outfits first-hand!!! ð???
  3. northerntantra


    Love the hose and the shoes! And those legs!!! Whew!
  4. northerntantra


    Great abs! Nice ass! Love the colour!
  5. northerntantra


    Nuthin' but a smile! Beautiful!
  6. northerntantra


    Wow! Very very hot!!! You look absolutely stunning in these new pics!
  7. What to say about Cali (a.k.a. Calypso, or CaliCat here on cerb) that hasn't already been said so eloquently by many others? She is indeed very beautiful, with gorgeous dark hair and exquisite smokey eyes! Tall, but much less so once I helped remove those fabulous boots with the 3 inch heels! Her smile would light up a room. I felt a strong and genuine connection with her immediately, and it just got deeper throughout the session. Sensuous? Oh yeah! The shower was hot and steamy. The massage was skillful. More than that I'll have to keep private, except to confirm that my experience with Cali was similar to other reviewers. I would definitely repeat with Cali. If you enjoy a woman with warmth, maturity and talent, you should book an appointment with her. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
  8. From the movie Casino Royale, Italian beauty Caterina Murino
  9. Been too busy the last few months to do much posting, but I came across this today and thought the simple white cami was incredibly sexy ... Available at Lilac Lingerie.
  10. Here's a little birthday gift ... two images that may appeal to your artistic senses ...
  11. Scotch, single malt, Islay ... Espresso or cappuccino?
  12. Have a great day, my friend! Here's a toast to your good health!
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