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  1. Does she advertise anywhere?
  2. Anyone have an experience visiting BeautifulBlondeMasseuse on LL/and can recommend? BeautifulBlondeMasseuse | Halifax | Nova Scotia | Female Escorts | LeoList PM if you prefer! Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the tip, I'm always cautious, that's why I'm checking here 😉 Kinda looks the same to me (save hair color of course) Anyone see this lady?
  4. Has anyone seen Catalina from LL? 🌟new🌟80/15min💋👅mouth skills💦last weekend👠📱online also avail📱 | Halifax | Nova Scotia | Female Escorts | LeoList Thanks!
  5. I'd be interested to hear how the duo went, I've thought about it myself, just haven't pulled the trigger!
  6. I'm also very respectful, upfront and have seen many many of the lovely ladies who call Halifax home, NEVER a problem with respect with me. The only reason why I even responded to this thread is because your post appears to lump an entire city into one category (disrespectful and time wasters), clearly that is not true. It was frustrating to see a post like that when I know personally I take caution and tread lightly when asking ladies what I should expect regarding services. I think we should all take a step back and relax, this is supposed to be fun! No need for attacks on each other! Cheers and have a great day/weekend! CGhrome
  7. I normally don't get involved in these conversations on here, but I would just like to point out several things. 1. You get paid (VERY well might I add) for your hard work creating your profile, etc. After all this is YOUR marketing, we all have to invest in ourselves one way or another in life! 2. Just because you are "Verified" that doesn't tell us, the client, anything other than you are real. For example Verified ladies have different definitions of "True GFE"/Cuddling etc 3. Please don't tar all clients with the same brush regarding "time wasters"... 4 I also work VERY, VERY hard for my money, and if I choose to spend it on a lady I feel as though I am entitled to ask questions about services/locations etc. From there, based on the responses to my questions, I'll make a decision to a) either see a lady or b) respectfully decline Any of the ladies on here whom I have seen can confirm I'm not a time waster, but I do ask questions before I make a visit, especially during the first communication. Finally for the record, I have never contacted you, and based on your post, you would classify me as a time waster, so I will not be contacting you in the future! Best of luck!
  8. Can someone post a link to AD or post contact info here (once she advertises again of course)
  9. Hey folks, Anyone know if Sarah K is still offering massage services? Last I saw her she was in Fall River, I tried sending a test today, no response. Any info would be appreicated!
  10. Hey fellas, I'm taking a break during covid so this is more for later, when its safe to hobby again. Has anyone actually seen either of these girls? Are the pics/service legit? Typically the Asian providers do not use real pics, but are they a close resemblance even? I asked and they said "Real pics, verified", take it or leave it"....LOL! Would appreciate any insight! Stay safe! https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_thai_tina_jasmine_duo_halifax_100_real_photo-5937028
  11. Fellas....RUN dont walk. You have been told. Best SP I've personally EVER seen. This drop dead georgous lady reeks of sex-appeal. ULTRA Sexy, personality plus and skills for days! Tomorrow is her last day, you will have missed out on something spuer special here, trust me! A perfecct 10, beyond a doubt!
  12. Highly recommed this fun beautiful lady. Excellent attitute and like Dexter Poindexter sang, Hot Hot Hot! Run, dont walk. Details will remin betwwen us! Monday 11:15am ;)
  13. Fortunate enough to have a duo with these beauties on Friday evening. Both women are beautiful, in excellent shape, and are great to talk and hang out with for an hour. Pictures do not do these 2 gems any justice, they are even more attractive in person! Details of the event will remain between us but all services are extremly safe (which is fine by me). Communication was easy and location was very clean. As a long time member of this board, I have no problem recommending these ladies, just be respectful fellas!
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