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  1. GChrome

    sp for my birthday

    My vote would be CristyCurves 😉
  2. Anyone have any luck booking a massage with either Sarah or her friend (name is escaping me right now) lately, I'm having zero success. Any details would be appreciated..PM if you prefer. Thanks!
  3. GChrome

    Local Asian

    Also interested
  4. Well i never received any PMs on this so im assuming this is just a straight up masaage!
  5. Just a decent massage..nothing was implied or suggeted by me or her....too bad! I did notice a box of kleenex underneath that masaage table, which i thought was a sign. If anyone has has any different experiences please PM me! Thanks!
  6. Any other updates on Kristine, i have an appointment set up with her for tonorrow.
  7. Anyone care to share any expeeiences that thry may have had with Lou Lou from LL, feel free to PM.
  8. GChrome

    Candy and Lou Lou

    Also intereted if anyone has any deets plz share!
  9. Has anyone seen the new lady from VIPOTG, Star? Ive searched but can find and recon/reviews on the other boards.
  10. GChrome

    French Doll Alexia - LL

    Agree with above...saw her over a year ago and service was super meh...good luck
  11. GChrome


    Great location, she is legit. Cheers!
  12. GChrome


    To be fair, it's either her or her 4 year older sister, lol!
  13. I can never get an answer from her when I text!
  14. GChrome

    Vandal Vyxen

    I can confirm that she was 100% totally legit last time she was here! Great PS experience as advertised! Please don't message me asking for details as I can't even remember what I ate for breakfast this morning let alone the details of a SP encounter a few years ago (Although I do have a video - with her permission of course) 😉 Enjoy fellas!