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  1. Yes even in the large cities it’s hard to come by quality EI providers. Not sure if it’s something they are just not culturally open to or what.
  2. PM him. Maybe he doesn’t want to say anything negative here as per forum guidelines.
  3. Ok glad to hear it’s going to work out. Sorry I misinterpreted the hair washing thing. I took as her wanting you too. Yes getting a verification call from the desk staff probably freaked her out. Any serious provider is extra discreet in a hotel environment. Walk into the hotel confidently with a good pace, avoid making eye contact with the front desk staff and start scanning like crazy for the elevators lol. Good luck next time.
  4. This whole encounter sounds strange. First off being questioned by hotel desk staff would probably freak me out. It’s never happened to me before. Maybe going in for a bathroom break had them suspicious of you. I’ve never heard of a provider expecting someone to wash their hair. That’s kind of strange. Are you a visible minority? I know it seems racist, but it’s up to the girl if she chooses not to provide service to clients of certain races. Just wondering if this may have been a factor. I know Halifax doesn’t have a lot of choice compared to other places, but I’d be moving on to someone else if I got the run around like that.
  5. I messaged and was given the address of the well known sketchy hotel near the commons. I don’t be TOFTT there. Probably not legit.
  6. Police are probably clients of SP and massage gals just like every other walk of life. Keep it out of the public eye, non trafficked girls and of age girls and you shouldn’t have any worries. Only in the Bible Belt of southern USA have I ever heard of sting operations still in effect.
  7. Yes that’s what it was. I believe it stood for VIP Oriental Travelling Girls. Always young and mostly very good looking Korean girls. They worked out of few different centrally located condos over the years. A new girl every couple weeks or so. I was living out of province at the time and someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I think they shut down over covid and haven’t returned. Makes you long for the good old days when you see how bad the Asian scene is here now.
  8. She is an attractive girl no question, but to call her massage amazing and such is a little hyperbole. It’s just due to extreme lack of options here. Go to a smaller city even like Victoria and check out the local massage scene. She would be fair to average there.
  9. That is really disappointing. Was hoping for some new blood there. Things must be really slow to make up a fake persona.
  10. I wouldn’t count on it. I’ve lived in BC where there is a much larger EI population and even there it’s quite rare to find EI providers. Not saying it’s impossible, but I just don’t think it’s culturally something they are open to. You’re probably looking at 2nd or 3rd generation EI’s that would be open to be involved in the biz.
  11. Not a single person but I miss the Asian massage business that ran in Halifax from roughly 2006 to 2009 give or take. Anyone around that remembers that? It started out on Kline St. and popped up in a few other locations over time as neighbors possibly complained or leases expired. They always had a rotation of 3-4 cute and young girls who were university age. Looking at the scene now, no one realized how good they had it then. I really miss that operation. So no regrets, since I was a regular, but regret they are no longer around and the Asian scene nowadays is basically bait and switch.
  12. No girly bars. No spas, No agencies. Not a great gentleman’s scene. My advice: stop for a day or two in Montreal when your Halifax visit is over.
  13. I can’t guarantee it’s the case, but like most of the LL ads it’s probably a bait and switch.
  14. Halifax is quite slow and lacking compared to even smaller cities. Especially when it comes to the massage scene.
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