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  1. Bump. Anyone see Nina yet? I’ve attempted at least 10 time’s, but schedules just haven’t aligned. Pics look good, but just curious if she’s the real deal.
  2. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_120hh_thai_tina-6120654?source=list Has anyone had an appointment with either of those two ladies? I don’t know about the pics, but they seem legit. I’ve exchanged texts but never did set up an appointment.
  3. I do have to agree with Qwerty420. I recently relocated here from the west coast. And I find the scene here far from great. The closest decent sized city to me out west was Victoria, which is smaller than Halifax, yet there seems to be many more SP’s along with some decent massage shops that are non existent in Halifax. The equivalent to Lyla out there is PERB and there is far more relevant information for someone new or visiting the city than there is for Halifax. That’s not a knock on Lyla, just more information for a visitor or newbie on PERB. Any way bottom line, for whatever reasons are at play I fully agree with the title of this discussion.
  4. Attempted to TOFT this morning and she replied “it’s only online now until the weekend.” Will attempt to see her in person next weekend.
  5. Noticed her ad for the first time yesterday. Was curious if she is real as well.
  6. Excuse my ignorance, but I’ve been out of province for almost a decade and have just recently returned. Before I left there were traveling Korean girls that worked out of various apartments in the city. The gals would stay for a couple weeks, then be replaced by a new one. They were generally all fairly young and attractive. They had a place in the south end for awhile, but the last place I recall going to was an apartment on Gottengen. Just wondering if there’s anyone out there that recalls this and if this is still a thing locally? Thanks.
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