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  1. I'm a few days late writing this, but I was able to spend some time with Ava on Friday. Absolutely un-fucking-believable. We meshed on so many levels, and she was very easy to get comfortable with. As someone with social anxiety, and a lot of trouble getting to know new people, she made things perfect. 1000% do recommend. If I could keep her to myself and see her every day I would without a second thought. If you get the chance to meet Ava, do it. My only regret is not doing it sooner. R
  2. I managed to finally meet up with Penelope this weekend. Man am I glad I did. Had a fantastic time, and couldn't recommend this beautiful young lady more to anybody desiring a good experience. You could tell that she was really enjoying herself during the short time we spent together. I will definitely be making the time to see her any time she's in town. Hopefully she has cookies again, they were delicious! ;)
  3. I too had the joy and privilege of meeting with Gabriella while she was in Halifax this weekend! As this was my first time being with an SP, I was a little bit nervous... but Gabby did an amazing job of helping me get relaxed, and set a very comfortable mood. We had long discussions about several different topics, and before I knew it things were going better then I could have imagined! Although I have nothing to compare it too, I would highly recommend Gabriella if any of you other gents are thinking of taking the plunge :) Thanks for the great time Gabby, I look forward to your next visit to Halifax!
  4. I actually remember wanting to be a fire truck...
  5. Personal favourites are Danish, Irish (south), and Spanish. Danish women are just plain hot, and when they speak English with that lilt it just makes everything that much better!
  6. I like to start my workday watching some Maru on youtube. Helps to start the workday with a smile :D
  7. Glad to hear you had a good visit! Hope you have as much fun next time around :)
  8. I've rented in a SouthWest Properties building for a few years now and have had no problems whatsoever. They have a number of sites all over Halifax and Dartmouth I believe, in upscale and mid-scale neighborhoods.
  9. I'm kind of split whether I want them to play in T.O. or Montreal. Montreal is closer to me, but Toronto is closer to family!
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