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  1. I finally had the fortune of meeting Sasha last week after trying for sometime, our schedules never crossed. Sasha is very selective who she spends time with which is a great thing for hobbyists trying to fly under the radar. Setting up our encounter was super easy and she went out of her way to accommodate my schedule. I won't go into detail but if you're a gentleman you will have the time of your life, I felt like a new man after our hour of fun. Sasha is looking to spend more time here in Kingston so let's take extra special care of her so she keeps coming back...enjoy your time with Sasha and you will come back over and over.
  2. Just wondering if anyone has seen her, she's back in town this week.
  3. Just wondering if anybody has seen Charlie on BP? http://www.kingston.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/s-charlie-specials-for-xmas/25163657
  4. Just wondering anyone has spent time with Taylor here in Kingston? She advertises on BP but I can't find one of her ads to link to. Any info would be great.
  5. I've chatted with her and yes she is still hosting in Odessa. We had agreed on service and the price kept changing so I decided to pass.
  6. I was going to ask the same. Who's going TOFT?
  7. Are there any ladies in Kingston that enjoy greek? I've tried with some that pass through but haven't had any great experiences yet?
  8. Zoe D hands down....you will have your hands wrapped around a head board and your toes broken from being curled.....my toes are still not the same.
  9. Its taken me a couple weeks to come up with words to describe Zoe and I'm still having issues. I've seen Zoe a couple of occasions now, seems to be a Friday afternoon habit of sorts. All I can say is what a great way to end the work week by spending time with a long legged blond bombshell that has the GND innocence. The first meeting with Zoe was easy to set up even with some location issues we had but once we had a spot picked she was there before waiting in a nice little summer dress. Conversation was just like two old friends which put all nerves at ease. Having just finished work I needed to jump through the rinse cycle and next thing i knew it was a shower for two which just got everything going. From that point I knew this was going to be great and the hour would fly by and it did. I'm not going to go into detail but guys when this 6' beauty wants to play be prepared, I quickly set up our next engagement once the festivities were done. Our second meeting was much the same as the first, an hour of bliss is the best way to describe it. Zoe now has her place set up so in central Kingston so it was easy to find and like our first meeting she was waiting for me. Kingston should be very thankful that Zoe spends as much time here as she does. She is a real person who truly loves what she does and will put the biggest smile on your face after your encounter....you will be back for more and she will become your addiction.
  10. I've met Zoe twice now and I will be seeing again this week. Very down to earth and you will wonder where the time went, best be prepared for her long legs to wrap around you as she is one of the tallest woman I have ever met. You won't be disapointed.
  11. Looking forward to seeing her, great reviews guys...thanks.
  12. Looking forward to seeing her, on my bucket list
  13. I had a chance to see her a couple weeks ago and I'm not in a rush to see her again. She was very polite in all of the french ways - no kissing and no bbbj.
  14. Had the chance to meet Rachelle last Friday, what a way to end the work week with one of her Super Sessions. From the time I arrived at her place which is nice and close to my work I felt welcomed and relaxed right from the time I got there. The entire experience was more than I expected and I would have loved to stay longer but had other committments that I had to get to. The sex....well the sex was mind blowing! Too bad she will be retiring this year because she is all class and loves what she does and how she makes you feel.
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