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  1. jsmasters


    I haven't been back here for a while now. It's always been really busy in the shop with nails, pedicures, and groups of people. How is it now and has anyone noticed a less busy time of day?
  2. jsmasters

    561 Broadway

    Anyone know if Nana is actually new or is it just a name change? I got baited and switched then walked. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-health-beauty/winnipeg/try-new-nana-the-best-massage-therapist-561-broadway/1413138283?
  3. jsmasters


    Does anyone still have her phone number? I lost it and her Kijiji contact to book again. Pm me please.
  4. jsmasters


    This thread has somehow become about a different "coco" but can anyone confirm if this is the same or a different coco? Pm me if you have been to various places recently and I will share a bit of info on the original poster's coco offering the array of services
  5. Has anyone experienced massage from nicole at west kildonan?
  6. jsmasters

    Personal Priorities boutique

    This is not the same as getaway spa. The lady running personal priorities is a profesional and very good at what she does. Skin care, hair removal, and nails.
  7. jsmasters

    Favourite cheap massages

    Tried balmoral and had a decent massage from a chinese lady. Not bad and not great either.
  8. jsmasters

    Favourite cheap massages

    Who would you guys recommend at balmoral for a good massage?
  9. jsmasters

    Full Body Brazilian Massage

    Yes it was sensual, not sexual as you said.
  10. jsmasters


    Ive gone multiple times. Tip was not the same for each person. Aliya was great, another one was good too. Was shorted on time last visit with new bigger girl
  11. jsmasters

    Full Body Brazilian Massage

    I will agree with this. Only tried once though.
  12. jsmasters

    Backpage body rubs

    Spinvikki is also always on there. Is there anyone else around that offers nuru/bodyslide?
  13. jsmasters


    I would go with Nikki if you want it to be more private.
  14. jsmasters


    Does the pure escape do sugaring too? I've been there but didn't know it was one of their services. The website doesn't have sugaring on it. I have seen Nikki she is a good one too.
  15. Pics match and I had a good time. English was easy to understand. Gfe and Ymmv.