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  1. After with these two girls I'm reminded of the sheer joy that is the entire reason I see escorts. I can't stop smiling, I had such fun and felt so welcome, their enthusiasm and joy in their work is plain to see and feel. Each time I see Juelz is nothing less than a pure and absolute joy. I'd never met her friend Marie but she was wonderfully low key, relaxed and fun. The two work very well together and were a mind blowing joy of a time.
  2. yeah, she's amazing. Seen her several times now. hot, fun, sexy, willing to please, naughty, energetic, and with an amazing toned athletic body!
  3. Allie is simply amazing. I can't agree enough with the others here. She is gorgeous, eager, sexy, naughty, sweet, and just an intense time with a LOT of pleasure.
  4. I've seen Berlin but not Scarlet. Berlin is amazing, beautiful and enthusiastic and fun.
  5. Gorgeous, sweet, easy to talk to, passionate, genuinely loves her work, oh man, I can't say enough good stuff about Berlin. She's amazing!
  6. Seen her a few months ago, she is utterly amazing.
  7. I spent a LOT of time in Angie's between 2002 and 20014 or so, going at least a couple times a month. I stopped when I started seeing the wonderful girls of Lyla, because it's a way better use of money than a strip club 😄
  8. There sure haven't been enough recent recommendations for Keissy. She's an absolutely fantastic girl, loves her job and works hard at it, you will leave very happy.
  9. Just want to add that I saw Allie tonight for the second time, having last seen her in February, and she's as wonderful as ever. Kind, giving, very enthusiastically into her work, and a truly gorgeous woman. Easy to talk to and a great deal of fun to be around. See her when you get the chance guys!
  10. Yes, dances are full contact, except for private parts of course.
  11. Emily is wonderful, classy, elegant, sexy, and a lot of fun. I'd recommend her without a second thought.
  12. I tend to not post here a lot, except when I want to recommend a girl who has been wonderful to me. Some of us are just not terribly internet-chatty 🙂 It's tough to know a fake from a quiet participant.
  13. After several times where our schedules just didn't match, I finally managed to see Allie Zeon and let me tell you that she is an amazing woman! Every good thing you've heard about this lady is true: sweet, kind, talkative, non-rushed, utterly gorgeous and athletic and toned, and totally low key and easygoing. She was game for everything, and did a great GREAT job of making me feel happier than I've been in a while. Whenever this amazing lady is in town lads, don't hesitate to see her, she is worth your time and money and then some!
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