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  1. Hey everyone, Don't get me wrong, I love our regular and we'll know SPs. I miss the days when there were new and young SPs trying out the market locally. I'm not talking about the anyone outside legal age. But the legit and verifiable 18 through 21 year olds who would start into the industry. I'm frustrated with the influx of Asian pretenders, I do love Asian women, but I would like to have a selection of other flavours over someone pretending to be someone else. I first started partaking in 2008, and have dabbled since. There have been many ups and downs. Anyone else in my boat?
  2. Is a scammer, walked up and she hid behind the door. She was Asian. Much older. I left.
  3. She'll post when she's available, she's not a 24/7 lady, but I saw her in under her previous pseudonym, and she was amazing, a wonderful experience. Keep your eyes open.
  4. Great spot Greenteal, although I think the tattoo would have been on the other arm, in theory, it doesn't appear to be a mirror pic.
  5. TOFTT, didn't stay. Used the attached photo, not the same girl. I looked on tineye and yandex, but I probably don't know how to use them properly, lol. Arrived, knocked, a brunette with no tattoo on her shoulder answered the door. I went inside. I looked really hard for the shoulder tattoo (she was in a tank top thankfully) I said I must have the wrong room, she said she was Ashley. I said that she doesn't mat h the picture, and she invited me to stay anyway, I said no. As I turned to leave she started yelling at me to get out of her room and to stop wasting her time. Be warned. Before you say it, yes the images look too good to be true, but lots of the most beautiful women on here their pics look too good to be true, until they aren't.
  6. Has anyone seen this lady? Will toftt Sunday is not. Everything seems to check out, she's been posting often, more so than she told me she wanted to. Marketed as a vip, with low traffic but not so sure any more. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/truro_antigonish_in_service_available_now_happy_hour-6617507?source=list
  7. Saw her once. She was okay, nice and all. Scheduled second meeting and was scammed out of EMT (my fault, but did only because of previous meet and conversation)
  8. Has anyone seen this lady before? http://halifax.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/zoe-i-m-back-in-town-miss-me-let-s-have-fun-outcalls-only/4231087 Looking for some feed back, but will consider toftt if needed.
  9. Has anyone seen her before? http://halifax.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/new-alexandria-blueeyedbombshell/2420978 I haven't seen and threads here on her, nor any reviews on list crawler. I made a date with her, but it was 9pm, and she missed it (fell asleep apparently). She did message me in the morning to apologize, I didn't hold it against her any way, the same thing has happened to me before. I'd like to know anything you know. Thanks in advance.
  10. Perhaps you're right and I am asking for trouble. But to be honest there are a lot of issues that plague our relationship. Not to bore with details, but we've been in counselling for a few years, made some progress in communication etc. Her only friends are her family (Mother, Father, Sibling [with mental illness cared for by parents] another Sibling and their partner, and two children) who all live in the same apartment and with whom she hangs out with daily.) I would be ecstatic if she hung out with someone from work, but I get what you're trying to infer, Stevemcqueen. Did I mention that all those people live in the same apartment? When discussing this with my mother, she says "the writing was on the wall bud," when we got together and I didn't see it. Now I things feel stale, with little ability to change things. In addition she's recovering from a severe, life altering illness, after which she'll likely never work again (she's in her late 20's) which is hard for me because I work 50 to 60 hours a week, so her parents are her primary care givers five days a week. The coworker and I also work opposite shifts, me being full time days and her part time evenings, so lunch at work isn't technically an option, but thank you to those who offered that suggestion. So there you have it, I hope I provided enough details to those who asked.
  11. Hey everyone I was sure where on the Internet I should post this, and expect a response. I have been a hobbyist for a couple of years off and on (starting before my wife and I even met), married for 5.5 now. I love her, we get on well, share all kinds of interests. However she has been off work for over a year following an acquired brain injury (severe brain swelling and seizures) she's recovering now. We've has issues for years but we still enjoy each others company but I have always made better friends with women than men (I do have male friends, and see them often. She gets suspicious when I hang out with women, because she is aware of my previous indulgences. I had a coworker the other night have a panic attack at work, and no one seemed to give a shit, I brought her a tea, and told her I experienced panic attacks before and if she needs to talk to message me. So she did, when she felt better, like a supportive person I told her if she ever needs to talk to someone to let me know, now she wants to get together this weekend. At the end of my work days I always wear my wedding ring, and always around her. Is this something she just may not have noticed? OOr something she might not care about? I don't want to just jump in and say "hey btw I'm married so we're not on a date" which is what I feel I should say, but I don't want her to feel awful and I just don't know what to think or do. Thanks, you guys and gals are awesome.
  12. Wow, lots of opinions here. Thanks everyone! Like some who posted I don't wear my ring at work, only at home and on weekends, but as some posted they need to ensure its secure, I always keep mine in my change box in the car if I'm seeing someone. I am interested to see if I do get better service, as some claim, with it on I think I may bite the bullet next time and go with it on.
  13. I'm curious, I didn't see a thread here like this, but maybe I didn't look hard enough. Closest I found was the double life thread. What I'd like to know is of the married Hobbyists and SP's how many of you wear wedding rings to rendezvous? If so, why? If not, why not? Again to the same audience, do you mind, or more so do it like it, when an sp or a hobbyist meets you with a ring? I for one am not comfortable wearing mine. That might change in the future. What about you? *also please remove if not allowed, duplicate, or not in taste*
  14. I haven't seen her personally, but 506 is a New Brunswick area code, so check there for reviews, and it is common place for some Sp's to visit nb and vice versa
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