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  1. duncanbrewer

    Pro Shots 2019

  2. Has anyone met Sarah in Fredericton? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/fredericton_sweet_tiny_sarah-4128050
  3. duncanbrewer

    Miss London Fredericton

    I am also interested if anyone has seen her.
  4. Dude. Maxime is due back this month. You will not be disappointed.
  5. duncanbrewer

    SP visit at your house

    I appreciate the feedback and thanks for the welcome. I personally don't have any issues with being in the hobby and I appreciate all that SPs do from top to beautiful bottom, but yes societal stigma does make this a moral grey area for me personally. I am so glad I have an avenue like cerb where I can ask the questions with some sense of anonymity.
  6. I am very new to the hobby. Is it acceptable to have an SP visit your residence on an outcall basis? Is it a worse thing if your kids are home in bed at that time. I dont get alot of time w/o the kids so i was just curious as to other peoples thoughts. I am getting the feeling that if i have to ask it probably isnt good, but then again i felt i my moral compass has gone astray since i started as a hobbiest. Thanks. D
  7. duncanbrewer

    Have you watched any good movies lately?

    I watched the movie "Cheap Thrills" over the weekend. It is a little demented but I liked it. :D
  8. duncanbrewer

    what are you doing at this very minute?

    Watchin telly and cerbing.