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  1. Does anyone know of a good massage w/HE in EK/NK. There use to be a place on Henderson which closed down long ago. Any ideas? Thank you
  2. Why the move anyhow. Henderson was a great location for me! Won't be going much anymore now...very sad!
  3. Greetings, I have quite often been watching and not saying much, but today I would like to post a question to the Winnipeg market. I am looking for someone who provides a nice massage +, on the east side of the city like EK/NK/Transcona. Now I know your first recommendation will be the lovely ladies at henderson. Althought they are friendly and beautiful the sorta non-private commercial type atmosphere isn't to appealing to me. I absolutely can't picture myself waiting in the front lobby for my turn and really the thought of running into you fine folks and possibly knowing one of you is what worries me the most. hahahahahaha I would like everything that henderson has to offer but a more private one / one setting knowing that I am the only one with a smile on his face at that particular time. The price structure there is also an appealing selling point. Does this type of request exist outside of henderson/main? Would you happen to have any recommendations / advice? Thank you
  4. I had the pleasure of meeting a couple ladies there this week. They are very nice! They make you feel at home quite easily. My time was relaxing and fun. I definitely will be making another visit.
  5. Would anyone have her information? I can't seem to find it anymore and I would like to see her again if she is still around? PM me! I will recognize the number when i see it.
  6. I have seen her a couple times as well. She is friendly and fun for sure.....ymmv...
  7. Well I certainly hope she filed her taxes appropriately for the last couple of years and isn't on any EI or SA. I am sure there is a hungry bean counter in the CRA that is auditting her as we speak. I fear for her, as she has likely opened up a CRA nightmare for herself. Good Luck!
  8. I tried to get a hold of her. Took quite some time to recieve a reply, but when she did she told me her name was rachael......have not seen her yet, but am drawn to her...
  9. anyone contact this girl? nice picture, 5'7 called number, texted as she preferrs and have received no response......has anyone seen her..sandy blond hair laying on stomach with black top in the picture...
  10. has anyone met up with Miss Lacey of BP? she seems fairly new i wanted to see if she was legit. if you could give me info that would be great. Tks
  11. Has anyone had the pleasure of meeting Chanal? I am drawn to her ad, was hoping to get some info first. If you have please PM me and let me know. Thank you
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